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  1. What actually ended up working for me on this was quitting the game and restarting - worth trying. Otherwise, yeah, the "don't do either side" option works.
  2. I'd recommend coming back at level 5 with a full party, yeah (that's what I had to do). It's probably doable, but you'll need some massive luck and it's not really worth the hassle.
  3. Hi - so I don't know if this is intentional or not, but if so, it's really bad and will make me lose 15 hours of gameplay so I don't screw up the quest. During The Man Who Waits, I talked to Theos. Then, after the cutscene and fighting my way through some guys, I talked to Azo and told him I wasn't going to keep silent about his experiments. He attacked me. Now, when I go upstairs, everyone in the room attacks me, I lose a ton of reputation, and I can't talk to Ethelmoer - he says "you've done enough". I really stupidly don't have a save anywhere close to this point and quicksaved AFTE
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