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  1. 1. Pala/Fighter Tank (darf) 2. Pala/Barbarian Melee DPS (human) 3. Ancient Druid (nature godlike) 4. Priest of magran (pale elf) That's the actual party. I realy don't need a third paladin aura, so maybe a single class chanter or chanter/wizzard would fit better?
  2. I just created my party, but still wasnt sure about my 5th slot. I saw, I'll be missing some debuffs from mages, like blinding or confusing, so I guess, I'll try a ranged chanter/multiclass. Should I go for a Troubadour/mage or Troubadour/Paladin?
  3. Thanks very much! I read about a mod, to use the Vatnir kit with custom characters, maybe I'll try it. With my imported POE1 savegame, I don't got the DOC breastplate. How can I be sure to get it on a new game?
  4. For my next playthrough I want to build a whole custom party on potd difficulty. While I´m pretty sure of how using some slots, I´m not sure about all of them. 1. Tank: Fighter / Paladin: I´m playing a fighter/paladin in my current playthrough and I realy like him. He can tank anything and he deals a bit damage. 2. Melee DPS: I think of either a barbarian/monk oder a paladin/barbarian. With the paladin/barbarian I´d have two auras active, but I think the barbarian/monk could do more damage. Actually I never played a monk before, but I think I could like a melee character who just uses his
  5. Thanks very much for linking the Mod! I don't know the english name, I got a nature godlike and want him to get a +1 pl at the begin of a fight.
  6. Hi! I want Xoti to buff my character, but I can't find a solution, so I need your help to get her job done
  7. Thanks for the tipps! The barbarian/monk seems pretty good, but I guess you need to take care alot, like you said. I guess, I try the crusader and if I'm back into the game I'll try the barbarian/monk.
  8. Hi! I played Deadfire as it came out as a pure tank (crusader) and will start a new playthrough with all addons in potd. I plan to take Tekehu (Druid) as healer/aoe dd and Aloth (Mage) as debuffer/dd. I'm not sure about the other two companions, maybe Serafen (barbarian) as melee dd and Maia as ranged dd (what would be better ranger or Ranger/rogue?). So my PC should be tanky and able to do some damage. I tried a couple of multiclasses between Fighter and Rogue (e.g. Swashbuckler with two weapons), but felt they were too squishy. I guess the crusader won't do enough damage. Anot
  9. Hey there! I could need an advice to complete my Party (non companion) in a POTD game. My PC is a tanky Paladin, I think a second good Fighter as a tank would fit well. I like barbarians (probably dual wield interrupt or blade of endless paths) as meele DDs and I'll need a priest. So there are two free slots. Because In never played a rogue, I thought about taking one, but 4 meele chars seems to bei too many, while fighting between doors and walls?! I'm playing with both WM expansions, if this does matter. In my last hard playthrough I had nearly the same composition, filled it Up with Al
  10. Hi there, I´m stnading just infront of Raedric and his men. My Paladin doesn´t like the way, he treated the towns people, that´s why he must die! But tell me how! I´m currently level 3, got three mates with me (including a thief recruited from the tavern). After 10+ tries I can´t see a chance to defeat him, even if I try to hide behind his throne, like I saw in a youtube video. Do I have to continue the main story and come back with level 5+ with a full party, or is there a way to fight them right now?
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