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  1. Thx! I´ll try: 1. Edér Tank 2. Melee DD Monk 3. Tekehu: aoe dmg and healing 4. Aloth: debuffing and some aoe dmg 5. Maia ranged DD
  2. Hey! I'm about to finish my two year old game with my custom party and want to start another game at PotD with story companions after that. I want to use: 1. Tekehu: aoe dmg and healing 2. Aloth: debuffing and some aoe dmg 3. Ranged DPS MC or companion 4. Melee aoe DPS MC or companion 5. Melee DPS MC or companion So I need advice for three party members. One of the two melee should do the tanking. Maybe this could be done by Edér, Pallegina or my MC. I dont't realy like ciphers and chanters, but maybe I just should learn to like them, I'd give them a try. I don't know about the ranged DPS, I don't want to summon and didn't like pets in PoE1.
  3. 1. Pala/Fighter Tank (darf) 2. Pala/Barbarian Melee DPS (human) 3. Ancient Druid (nature godlike) 4. Priest of magran (pale elf) That's the actual party. I realy don't need a third paladin aura, so maybe a single class chanter or chanter/wizzard would fit better?
  4. I just created my party, but still wasnt sure about my 5th slot. I saw, I'll be missing some debuffs from mages, like blinding or confusing, so I guess, I'll try a ranged chanter/multiclass. Should I go for a Troubadour/mage or Troubadour/Paladin?
  5. Thanks very much! I read about a mod, to use the Vatnir kit with custom characters, maybe I'll try it. With my imported POE1 savegame, I don't got the DOC breastplate. How can I be sure to get it on a new game?
  6. For my next playthrough I want to build a whole custom party on potd difficulty. While I´m pretty sure of how using some slots, I´m not sure about all of them. 1. Tank: Fighter / Paladin: I´m playing a fighter/paladin in my current playthrough and I realy like him. He can tank anything and he deals a bit damage. 2. Melee DPS: I think of either a barbarian/monk oder a paladin/barbarian. With the paladin/barbarian I´d have two auras active, but I think the barbarian/monk could do more damage. Actually I never played a monk before, but I think I could like a melee character who just uses his/her fists in fights! 3. Druid, ranged: I love druids, but I´m not sure if I should take a fury for some nice aoe damage and stuns or an ancient druid for some nice DOTs and support healing abilities. 4. Priest-Subclass for healing/support and a bit of damage. Mainly used to buff the party at the beginning of a fight and heal, when necessary. I totaly like Vatnir after respec and let him learn some healing and support abilities. 5. Open Slot for a ranged dps oder ranged dps/support character, if playing with a fury druid. Maybe a wizzard or a chanter (never player one in Deadfire because I didnt like Kana in POE)? I dont like pets that much, so maybe no ranger. I´d like to use some different races, too. 1. Tank: Human 2. Melee DPS: ? 3. Druid: I guess nature Godlike 4. Priest: ? - maybe another Godlike - like I said, I love Vatnir 5. Ranged DPS: ? Thanks for any advice you can give me!
  7. Thanks very much for linking the Mod! I don't know the english name, I got a nature godlike and want him to get a +1 pl at the begin of a fight.
  8. Hi! I want Xoti to buff my character, but I can't find a solution, so I need your help to get her job done
  9. Thanks for the tipps! The barbarian/monk seems pretty good, but I guess you need to take care alot, like you said. I guess, I try the crusader and if I'm back into the game I'll try the barbarian/monk.
  10. Hi! I played Deadfire as it came out as a pure tank (crusader) and will start a new playthrough with all addons in potd. I plan to take Tekehu (Druid) as healer/aoe dd and Aloth (Mage) as debuffer/dd. I'm not sure about the other two companions, maybe Serafen (barbarian) as melee dd and Maia as ranged dd (what would be better ranger or Ranger/rogue?). So my PC should be tanky and able to do some damage. I tried a couple of multiclasses between Fighter and Rogue (e.g. Swashbuckler with two weapons), but felt they were too squishy. I guess the crusader won't do enough damage. Another idea was to take Eder (Swashbuckler) or Pallegina (Crusader) as a tank and take a PC who can Deal some serious aoe damage and healing to replace Tekehu or Aloth. I like the Fury Druid, but he can't heal, I read the ancient Druid wont't do enough damage in the mid/late game and I don't like summons. Any suggestions?
  11. Hey there! I could need an advice to complete my Party (non companion) in a POTD game. My PC is a tanky Paladin, I think a second good Fighter as a tank would fit well. I like barbarians (probably dual wield interrupt or blade of endless paths) as meele DDs and I'll need a priest. So there are two free slots. Because In never played a rogue, I thought about taking one, but 4 meele chars seems to bei too many, while fighting between doors and walls?! I'm playing with both WM expansions, if this does matter. In my last hard playthrough I had nearly the same composition, filled it Up with Aloth and the Druid (cant spell his name correctly) and would like to have different classes in my POTD playthrough, even if I liked them both. Would be happy for an advice.
  12. Hi there, I´m stnading just infront of Raedric and his men. My Paladin doesn´t like the way, he treated the towns people, that´s why he must die! But tell me how! I´m currently level 3, got three mates with me (including a thief recruited from the tavern). After 10+ tries I can´t see a chance to defeat him, even if I try to hide behind his throne, like I saw in a youtube video. Do I have to continue the main story and come back with level 5+ with a full party, or is there a way to fight them right now?
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