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  1. Confirm can dev also check Multi class and Solo Class.. Please and thanks Good luck on future Patches!
  2. I notice this is a portrait request but how do i change portraits in game ?
  3. I have the same issue... but i could only get 2 and they suck they only have 1 job i like crew with more than 1...
  4. Has anyone notice on reputation page of your main character if it changes if you attack to much the ship of 1 faction ?
  5. I really loving the combat now.. since i can slow it down or not to my liking , just have to be careful im not on "fast" mode...
  6. So im wondering they said the new DLC is coming next week but how many fixes will we get hope its good enough by then !
  7. Hello all im triying to complete this quest to get Pallegina and i decided to Save the Merchant and kill the ambushers bug for some reason the quest wont complete ? name of the quest "AT ALL COST" Defeat Dana Doemenel . could anyone help
  8. Hello all well i was wondering is there any good/OTHER godlike Portraits i know there are many "human/type" portraits but GodLike "race" or how they look ( specially death one ) seem kinda cool and new but not many portraits of them that i could find still thanks for all if anyone could help
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