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  1. So in Neketaka, I did the Old City immediately after getting Maia and Pallegina in my party (not my active party). I had yet to actually have Pallegina in the party actively so I hadn't even yet spoken to her. After popping out in the smugglers cavern, heading up the platform to Delver's Row, the dead godlike that is part of her personal quest chain was there and already active. If I click on the godlike I get the regular watcher stuff and then Pallegina starts talking but she is not there.... To clarify, Pallegina's quest is active without her ever being spoken too, and she will start he
  2. phew was getting upset that i couldnt buy the unripened palm stone, glad i can just steal it.
  3. Not sure if this has been reported yet, but if i talk to Luca on my ship after recruiting him, i can go through the same dialogue to recruit him, and it just makes more lucas appear in the crew listing.
  4. I found content somewhat challenging prior to level 12, but im not sure if it was gear, or level but it started getting ridiculously less challenging, i rarely have to actually give orders to my guys, just letting them do their ai scripts to devastate everyone.
  5. i have level scaling on, with it set to only scale up and i'm finding the same thing on veteran difficulty. I've been wondering if maybe i optimized my guys too well, or if the game was actually a lot easier than PoE 1.
  6. So I have the magistrate's cudgel equipped on Eder, and the initial ability on it is "Judge: Marked for 30.0 sec on scoring Hit, +10 Accuracy against targets affected by Judged effects." this works the first hit after equipping it or switching weapon sets in combat, after that the debuff no longer gets applied to enemies, I've had Eder enter combat by himself to try this. You can earn the first level still by switching his weapon sets around until it unlocks but after that it still doesn't apply the effect. I'm unsure if there is an ability overwriting it or anything or if its unique
  7. long story short, shown in the screencaps, Pallegina Imported backstory is this. But Pallegina's ending was this. Edit: My bad, her dialogue matches her backstory from the ending of the first game, its just her breastplate story that is kinda off kilter.
  8. Glad to see that im not the only one concerned by the lack of marketing/pricing/preordering.
  9. Just posting to say that I'm still having this issue as of 1:36pm PST august 15th. No new build has popped up for availability.
  10. Not necessarily a bug but i think its unwanted behavior. When returning to Raedric's Keep to face the Champion of Berath (raised raedric), the Fampyr that offers to take you to the siege platform when killed reduces your reputation for Gilded Vale. Since this is an evil undead creature I find it odd that the rep would go down, dropped me from champion to defender, and killing raedric again doesnt bring me back up to champion.
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