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  1. Can we please have party separation in buildings and going up or down stairs. It would be better to be able to bring 1 or 2 or whatever amount of characters in and out of buildings or up or down stairs on their own then have to bring my entire party every where i go. For example. If I'm stealing in a hotel i don't want to bring my entire party and a bear and a wolf into the upstairs to try and sneak into a room to steal. Or if i just want to bring my main character into a house to talk to someone i don't want to have to bring my entire party into the house as well.I realize maybe this is to late for Pillars but going forth in your games maybe you can look into changing this. As well as possibly altering AI for changing ranged and melee weapons depending on enemy distance
  2. None of my ranged characters are able to switch to their melee weapons when encountered by an enemy at close range. I wonder if there is a way to correct this
  3. Can you please going forth make it possible for party separation. I don't like having to bring my entire party and a bear into someones house to sneak around and plunder it, when i could just bring my rogue. or going up stairs into a hotel to steal i would much rather just bring my 1 rogue character then my entire party.. so basically what I'm saying is going in and out of buildings and up and down stairs can we separate the group. Great game though.
  4. Can someone please create a mod to add a walking toggle please. For a lot of people me included it would greatly enhance playing this game. I dislike being a group of people that has to run everywhere especially since npcs can walk. I know the EI mod that was out had this feature but it also came with a lot of other things that i personally didnt need, Just having a simple mod that adds a walking toggle in would be great. It can be done because it was already done in a previous EI Mod. Which no longer works.
  5. Maybe we can have a patch or someone can make a mod that allows me to separate my characters to different rooms or screens. I don't get why my entire party has to follow my rogue around a house to steal things.. I take her upstairs and the rest of my group has to come to? I don't like this. If someone knows a way to fix this please let me know thank you.
  6. I stopped , I found the story line lame.. and I didn't like how every other character you try to talk to goes into a giant vision of their life and you have no options to actually talk to them
  7. Had to format my computer, finding it hard to reinstall this game to try it again
  8. I like to use my rogue or ranger in stealth. That's it... I scout ahead with them for traps and enemies... Why do the rest of my characters have to go stealth to. Just makes no sense and looks dumb. A person geared in heavy metal can't Sneak around makes no sense.
  9. well we did need the mod because they didn't give these to use in the actual game
  10. What's going on here? I just recently started playing this game after being blessed with the EI Mod and have discovered I cant wear a cloak and an amulet at the same time and none of my characters have AI? Or maybe I'm just missing something?
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