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  1. Pistols Forgiveness - Quest Reward from Wyla (Crucible Knight) after completeing Heritage Hills [Crucible Keep, Defiance Bay] So that's definatly a 2nd way for it to be obtained.. I'd guess all items can be either obtained via quests or bought, so that you don't have to pass on them if you cannot follow a quest chain.
  2. Looks like there are several positions for each item to be obtained. I've definatly found some of the items on enemies or as loot in my first playthrough, now im seeing them on merchants. Might be, that all items can be looted and bought, might be different based on diffiulty level. Pollaxes Spectacular Spetum - Fine, Marking, Guarding - Can be bought at the Club of Prestigious and XX Gentleman [2nd Floor of the Salty Mast, need the Ring from the drunkard at the stairs lvl1, Ondra's Gift, Defiance Bay] Great Swords The Temaperacl - Can be bought at the Club of Prestigious an
  3. Since I can't seem to edit it, at least at the moment: Clubs Dîal Ewn Dibita - Quest reward from Dalton (A Voice from the Past) [Copperlane and Sewers, Defiance Bay]
  4. Since I've read quite a lot of postings about where to find certain named weapons, I'd like to congregate that information in one posting for easier research and planning, especially if people want to solo higher difficulties. I think I've already found half of the weapons listed, but mostly can't even remember where.. So I hope you guys will help me fill the gaps. I'll try to keep the posting updated as much as possible. Two Handed: Pikes Lost Thayn's Reach - Igrun's Arms and Armor [Copperlane in Defiance Bay] Jêna's Lance - Arms Merchant in Gilded Vale Tall Grass - ??? Est
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