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  1. Hi i've been playing few long sessions of Pillars II and after many hours of gameplay i notice that fps will drop hovering sub 60 in about 55-40 range, at first fps is constantly 120 which is ceiling for my monitor. Is there some sort of memory leakage or something in unity engine which will cause performance drop after hours of gaming? My specs are i7 8700 16GB 3200MHz cl14 memory Asus 1070 ti strix. crucial 960GB M5 ssd. E: Sorry i think should have posted this in techinal support section.
  2. Witcher series has great believable strong female and male characters. Also most of the time there is not clearly good or bad character just for the sake of being good or bad. Every character is well written thanks to Sapkowski's original character development, but also strong writing by CD projekt RED to continuing story of Geralt while staying very true to original books.
  3. Seriously man. If you don't agree with me, i must an incel, virgin or living my parents basement.
  4. Some people accused me of creating this thread just for trolling, i want to clarify that i'm not trying to troll here. I'm giving my point of view and labeling it as trolling wihtout giving our own point of view or counter argument is just lazy. There is nowadays a lot of feminist and lgbt backlash through social media and some gaming websites. So in my opinion some games are trying please these groups by creating characters or storylines that fit the world views of these particular groups. Most of the time it's done with annoying "in your face" style. For example Bioware has pushed in my
  5. You are free to dislike the game, but Obsidian is not responsible for whatever craziness exists in the world, both real and imagined. They are certainly not responsible for how you imagine a hypothetical group of people would have reacted had the game been different. To your specific criticism, in this world there are 5 male deities, 4 female deities, 1 deity with no identifiable gender and 1 twinned deity with a male aspect and female aspect. This mirrors many real world religions but you are, of course, free to be offended by any of it. What do you think is the is the problem wit
  6. I think this is valid topic to have conversation. For example kingdom come deliverance got heat from feminist SJW because in their opinion women were depicted wrong in that game. Can you elaborate bolded text little bit. So as a man, i am not allowed to have an opinion or i am not manly. Sounds like those pro feminist activists would love to have a silent defenceless man like you as their soulmate
  7. Now that we live in the era of Ultra feminism and internet is full of SJW #metoo stuff. I have to ask is this game pro feminist men hating propaganda, because almost all of the gods and powerful figures are depicted as female and ugliest god skaen in his rotting appearance is male. Narrative is also voiced by woman. Sure if those roles were reversed that almost all of the gods and powerful figures were male and those few ugly ones were female, all pro feminist SJW would be up in arms and polygon and some other medias would be twittering accusing this game of women hating chauvinism .
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