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  1. Since I was stuck in the outside and could not re-enter, I used the cheat to leave to the area exit, and it worked fine - i can continue playing everywhere else without issues. For those stuck inside, I reckon the best call would be to use the cheats to teleport directly to Gilded Vale or such, if at all possible. I understand the cheats might disable achievements gain, but then again, I seriously doubt this will be my only run through the game A bit of a shame, but given the fact it's a very local bug, giving issues to player in the Hold, I'm hoping it will be squashed soon
  2. Given the fact it's a common issue, I think I'll wait for a bug fix. Meanwhile, I'll read all those fancy books I've stashed. Muh lore~ <3
  3. That is indeed the case with me as well, yes. Where can I find my savegame file, so I can upload it someplace together with the output log file? Thanks in advance!
  4. So I've been happily (and sneakily) exploring Raedric's Hold. Was slowly making my way in the Hold's interior when I went up the Siege Platform exit. Due to my ever-loving danger sense, I saved... about thrice. So when I saw it's safe, looted the place, and returned back inside... the game crashed. Right now I'm stuck and can't re-enter the castle... which makes me a sad regicide If there is any information I need to give, feel free to ask. I'm just hoping i'm not permanently stuck
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