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  1. Wastes of time.

  2. I'd rather there be no lore skill nor identify spell for magic items, nor a need to drop 100 gold at a store to find out what it does. For certain special items, maybe you need to take it to a hedge wizard or scholar or temple to have them tell you what it is, as part of quest lines or some such... but the extra step of casting spells or spending gold to learn what your recently hard-won treasure can do has never added anything to the game for me. In most of the games I've played, and all the games I ran, you just know what the items were. Quicker and more fun IMO. In the table top g
  3. While I'm all for content available only to certain situations.... in a party-based cRPG, especially where you can create new party members... this kind of feature (parts of the game accessible only to a certain class) will kind of be lost, or make people create the odd rogue or monk or whatever just to run off and see that content then drop said rogue or monk. I do think there will be reactive parts of the game that will take into account / acknowledge your main character's race, gender, class, culture... but this is likely to be dialog reactions and options of what to say, small thin
  4. Yes, we are disagreeing. Absolutely disagreeing. see? still disagreeing I understand what Scot McCloud's "gutter" is better than you do. Bold, declarative statement. You said you understand it better than I do. Yep, that settles it. You said you understand it better, must be true. Because you say so. Wonderful! Great job! Did you want a cookie? *looks around for a virtual cookie* Clearly you understand the concept much better than a professional in the field of sequential art does about his own medium. Are you a savant, like Mozart? W
  5. No. "You’ll create your own character" - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity Character Creation At a minimum, players will be able to specify their main character’s name, sex, class, race (including subrace), culture, traits, ability scores, portrait, and the fundamental starting options of his or her class (gear, skills, and talents). We have not worked out customization details of character avatars, but we believe those are important and will be updating on these specifics in the future. - that's from Josh Sawyer. .... So, uhm, what's the dev
  6. Who said the character's motivations shouldn't be? No, they didn't. Well, yes they did, but not in the way you implied. They had the motivations you gave them. They were your character, inside of a setting and a provided background. Many DM/GM's will do this with table top games even - give you a setting and background and say "you are all part of this town" or "you are all mercenaries" - because the DM (or cRPG game) dictates parameters for your character to be created inside of doesn't equate to your character suddenly being predefined entirely. There's zero. And there's a
  7. You have the player character react. It is your character you made. If the writer prescripts your character's reactions... it's not longer your character. You act like how Bethesda does things isn't right. It is role-playing, perhaps a purer form than some of what more linear-story oriented games do. Because you don't like having control of your character and imagining your character's reactions doesn't mean it's wrong. It means it isn't what you want. You want an adventure game, with some preset characters, that you can tweak the combat abilities of, it seems like. I like act
  8. IWD"s story (yeah, I said it!) was awesome and better than BG's story, IMO... but that intro and closing *shivers* were amazing! Keyser Söze ain't got nothing on that.
  9. Actually they have to write the players reactions in dialogue to other dialogue. Amentep, you aren't being this nitpicky are you? Let me try again to explain this, and maybe you'll see where there is confusion. ahem and so... Yep, hence - uhm, I quoted it above. When I say they shouldn't write the player character's reactions, I don't mean they don't write the options you can choose. of course they do I mean they should NOT predetermine exact reactions for the player character. Major example, one that burns me to this day and I'll ne
  10. Ridiculously bad math is ridiculously bad. http://youtu.be/0Qkyt1wXNlI ---- Forget the digression, though... don't you want to create a character and experience the 'verse with this music in the background? http://youtu.be/D7vS4z6ngQo Obsidian, make it happen!
  11. Skipping voiced dialog used to be a thing for me, but I've noticed the same thing you mention - in some games trying to skip the voiced dialog either skips all the dialog or makes for a very jarring experience... so I end up having to deal with the impatient for the voices to finish. It's not a major complaint, but it is there.
  12. I can't help myself - apologies ahead of time.... http://tvtropes.org/...talPiracyIsEvil http://youtu.be/zGM8PT1eAvY
  13. I have this issue too. Most of the time I'm done reading before the voice is even half way through talking, so I sit there feeling impatient. Even regular dialogues this can come up for me. When they have the option, turning the dialogue subtitles off as much as possible helps because then I'm "forced" to listen instead of automatically reading because the text is there. I'm not against narrated stills/cinematics per se, btw. I just like to see them kept to a bare minimum, like most such things. Start of/intro to the game, maybe one for the ends of a couple big "act" sections, and end of
  14. I'll continue to keep the fire burning for the Obsidian Firefly RPG. Eternal Flame.
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