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  1. hopefully this game doesn't follow some cliche video game/hollywood plotline where you make some big leaps like overthrow your master. Evil guy working for a evil warlord dealing with the denizens of a occupied land. Sounds cool lets see if you can do evil stuff like force captives to take eye tatoos that will get them blind eventually or spanking and bondage of goody two shoes heroes.
  2. Maybe if that Deliverance game delivers Obsidian will think about it.
  3. After playing fallout 4 heres my post opinion about the game. IT WAS RUSHED, holy ****. You can clearly tell with a lot of locations in the game world that the game was rushed. Also the world building elements are half assed, glitchy and entirely pointless. Nothing is more hilarious then one of your turrets shotting a settler and having them all turn on you. There is way too much repetitive gameplay in the dungeon crawling. All the dungeons were designed the same. One straight path from beginning to end. Sure there are different layouts but they all felt the same. Every element of the game can summed up as mediocre and I'm not surprised it didn't win game of the year. Witcher 3 though wasn't anything special like fallout I lost interest in also. Except the witcher had slightly better story and visuals. I think the fallout franchise past its prime and now like another call of duty game. I rather see obsidian do a isometric fallout to breath some life into the series but I'm pretty sure Bethesda would not allow that and it will not sell well.
  4. twilight, drama television, movies with really dumb plot (daybreakers) etc. All that stuff killed vampires. Vampires are like that degrassi show right now. Geared towards teenageers and middle aged women. Idk I like to see familiar genres with a twist. Evil genius+resident evil. You compete against other bio weapon companies and kidnap people to experiment on and sell stuff to terrorists while avoiding heat and people attacking your facilities.
  5. I'm surprised lot of people said bloodlines. Wod darkness and the whole vampire fad in general peaked in the 90s with movies like blade. Its 2016 now now vampire are not cool anymore xD. I want to see personally a sword and sorcery space game. Basically pillars of eternity with its gods and stuff with more sci fi collectivist elements like galatic empires and mega corps but transcendentalism elements like the power of individuality and the vast expanse of spaces impact on it. And the theme of the game is basically how these elements conflict with each other on a cosmic scale complete with B movie cheesiness
  6. Why doesn't Obsidian make another planescape or septerra core? A rpg where the main characters and their background is predetermined. Like imagine how cool a breath of fire 3 plot set in world of pillars of eternity would be. Main character last of his kind can transform into dragon and trying to find a place in the world, befriends a tiger man and his henchmen and has robin hood tier adventures in the woods with him. Befriends a princess gets embroiled into politics. Fights even greater beings then himself while uncovering secrets about himself and the world.
  7. Sick of the fps fallouts. Fallout 3 and new vegas you treaded through junk. Now fallout 4 is a junk collection scavenger simulator. I don't get what normal dude bros find so fun about this monotonous gameplay. Then again I have really high expectations for games.
  8. Lets be honest there hasn't been a decent vampire game from the IP. I found the hunter games to be the most fun followed by redemption then bloodlines. Bloodlines a lot of people tend to like but I still remember the horror of the bugs and steam engine annoyances after the game was released and the garbage combat. Your game can have a great story but if it has huge glaring flaws... Well I'm not surprised bloodlines was a financial failure.
  9. wizard is so versatile in that they have a answer for everything its silly to call them garbage. Obsidian went overboard on this to the point I think cipher, and druids, priests could use more power in either their spell selection or core class powers.
  10. 1)get rid of the resting supplies mechanic but keep the inns bonus. 2)Add in Ninjas or ideology that opposes monks
  11. Heres the solution for all tanking 90 percent trash fights in the game and how to deal with the new AI. Eliminate your weaknesses have your backline all wear plate. Have one distraction in your team like barbarian, rogue, ranger with a decent con score not wear plate but have them use a draining/stunning weapon so they will be annoying to take down for the enemy. DONE now the smart AI goes after the right people they are ****ed because the odds are stacked against them. Your backline is tanky and with defensive spells can become super tanky and that one distraction guy is a pain in the ass to take down. As for bosses or fights where there is a crap ton of burst damage. The tanking solution is have your 1 tank guy with deflection and high hp to go in first to take in all the damage. With 2 wizard you should double up on casting your CC, spells what wizards are good for. When the melee starts this is where it gets annoying because lot of wizard spells have friendly fire. Obsidian should get rid of friendly fire on all damage spells imo its a dumb mechanic where some aoe damage spells hurt your team while others do not.
  12. I have to go with larger maps. The large maps in white march were great. Wilderness exploration could be improved. Factions if implemented again, do them better. Add more fluff to the game so its more then a dungeon delver hack and slash isometric type game. These means make the stronghold feature more interesting. Maybe player make decisions that can change appearance of wilderness areas, what enemies spawn, more world interaction. Also better motivation for the player. The elusive villain that doesn't give a fudge about you. Why should I care about pursuing him? Read the steam negative reviews and work from there ;P
  13. I managed to beat that alp dragon with level 11 party. Have eder go in by himself while rest of your away. Also equipping that one item that procs invisibility on him is a good idea. eder went invisible while I cast that level 5 priest spell so my guys dont get stuck buffed my partys acc with the level priest spell. Then had the wizard confuse the closest mobs. Eder at this point is getting almost killed drink potions if you can luckily I had him revive with that ring item. summon any pokemon trinkets you have to keep the ai busy. Remainder of fight you want your wizard dropping will cc spells on top of the dragon constantly while your hardest hitters focus him. Your priest reviving the fallen and buffing accuracy again and your paladin chain healing. Luckily I had eder revive 3 times and one point confused the dragon and it helped me kill 1 or 2 creeps lol. It died anticlimactically to rogues raw damage talent. I didn't have finishing blow on my rogue on potd I imagine its absolutely necessary to have and a estoc to down him when he has less then half hp ASAP. The funny thing about it all is pelligena with the defenses buffs is the only one that get paralyzed.
  14. Lot of the late game fights are annoying in general especially with the new AI that ignores melee engagement and swarms like on Paranas on that one odd party member wearing armor that is not plate. And the abundance use of crowd control effects that always tend to hit. Buffing spells in a game where buffs suck are even worse to use now. So paladin and majority of the clerics spells are useless. If you don't toss out offensive cc spells every encounter you die.
  15. From my experience mid late game fights are difficult because your lower con guys have not reached that hp sweet spot yet. Dragon fights you need a specific strategy or that dragon will make your heroes look like beat up cheap whores no matter what. The worst boss fights in the game because you either murder them real fast or they instant gib you. I wonder if they decided to go turn based route if the combat system would be better or not.
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