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  1. I like the per encounter spells too, it allows my caster to do more than wand their way thru wave after wave of trash mobs. It grants flexibility on how I approach every encounter. Before my character reach the level where I could use per encounter I would save spells for the boss like encounters, so my character felt under utilized for most fights. I could rest after after several encounters but since their is a limit of camping supplies I would have to run back and restock and then have to wait thru all those reloading screens. My PC doesn't have a SSD drive so I would have to wait and wait for the loading screens. I don't know about you but waiting is not equal to fun. Honestly I wish they would have done way with the per rest spell system and made all spells per encounter and balance it by lowering the amount of spells available to cast. This way the caster still can utilize their abilities every encounter but with a limit number the player would have to think about tactics and how best to use those spells. Wanding thru encounters is not fun. Like you I am not happy with Obsidian nerfing this. If they were smart they would have a check box option in the menu system that enable/disable 'per encounter spells'. This would give the players the option to handicap their casters within their games while allowing those players ( like you and myself) who like per encounter spells to remain unaltered. I would understand if this were a multiplayer game. I would agree on the need to enforce class balance in a multiplayer game, but this is a single player game. You can pick and choose what class you want to play, and what class skills you want to use in any encounter. If you want to run a pure Melee based party with no casters nothing stops the player from doing so. You can play this game with a party and you can Solo it. This game has been out since March and most of the players have experience the per encounter rules, why pull the rug out from under them. I am not going to happy with the second part of the white marsh expansion if my character has been nerfed where I have to conserve my spells again now or have to constantly rest after each encounter just to experience the same level of game play I am now accustomed too. This change would not make me a happy camper one bit. My voice and the voices of others opposed to this change of the rules should matter too. Yah I think its a bad move and you touch upon the idea that this is indeed a single player game so it is not at all necessary to nerf things. The whole thing makes no sense since there is resting and as you also pointed out spending time going back to town to restock is not fun. With a finite set of camping supplies per encounters work well. PoE is the first IE style game I have seen that does not have infinite resting. There is too many MMO arguments for a single player game here. However we are lucky and blessed to have iemod which already has the option to disable per encounters completely or make them happen at even lower levels. So even if they whack it with the nerf bat we can still enable it. Since the option to enable disable or alter the settings of per encounter already exists they could quite easily implement it and perhaps work with the mod creators of iemod to share code. I am uncertain what type of reward people feel when they get something removed from a game especially when there are already solutions to fix this problem that some people have with per encounters. And again this is a bloody single player game. We do not need more nerf bats we need more complexity and creative designs. Nerf bats exist mainly for MMOs where you have to literally choke players from becoming powerful so they keep playing. I recognize some obscenely out of balance aspects of a game need to be tweaked but per encounter is definitely not the one that comes to mind in PoE for me. Actually the best solution was just to link the mod to the crybabies by the developers themselves so they can remove per encounter spells entirely and let them work on things that matter... But noooo, they had to cry and impose themselves like little brats on everybody else because they demand we play by their rules, i bet most of these crybabies are cipher players that got butthurt about the nerf the class suffered, which was provoked by another bunch of crybabies, like ****ing grow up already little brat, seriously, i dont even know why the developers are listening to this crybabies, they are worthless.
  2. Yaaay! the crybabies that ask for nerfs in single player games win again! Good thing that: -I already finished the game and not planing a second playthrough (screw you crybabies) -If i would ever consider doing another run i would use a mod to put the spells per encounter as they were and im not gonna come and cry to the forums so everybody has to play the game as i demand, because lets just remember that this crybabies could just have done that instead of demanding that everybody should play the way they wanted. (screw you crybabies)
  3. I just finished the game (main game not the expansion) Took my i believe like 50 hours or so, have to say its a good amount of time because i was already feeling tired, so i thank is not that longer, im probably not going to do the expansion at least not now. What i have to say is that is a really good game, i really liked it, besides its obvious flaws in the combat system everything else the game has to offer is pretty well done. The story- Some people say they dont liked it or found it "meh", well i dont know but i really liked the story, also liked how you make desicions about your past in those visions, whoever said that there is no romance in this game may need to check what they say in those visions because there is actually a romance in there, its not a sim date or anything but is still there and of course its your desicion to take that choice or not, i took it and thought it was really well done. I really was interested the whole time in what was going to happen next, every turn into the story was exciting for me, all the revelations you get at the end also were really good, who knows why people say the story is bad or dont liked it, you want a terrible story?, play DA:I. The combat- Here is where the fanboys ae gonna crusify me, but i dont care, after all this is my feedback and it serves a purpose and that is to improve future releases of this developers not to make them feel bad or anything, you need to grow up if you think people cant criticize something because they care, but to hell with that people... lets continue and not wadte my time. The combat... is kind of bad... not bad like terrible but it could have been better if this game were turn based seriously, bassically all the encounters are : -Make your tanks engage the zerg -Position your ranged characters in a safe place -Release AoE on top of the zerg, damage,control,debuffs you name it, just throw it there -Win Not a lot of deep mechanics and not like you have the time to do anything else in a game that is not turn based, there is little to no room to strategy or do things in a different way. Magic is very simple and its bassically Damage of different colors and buffs/debuffs/heals, or CC, there is really not much about magic and i cant help myself to compare it to the amazing magic system in Divinity Original Sin, the way magic interact with each other is just amazing, here i just feel like it really lacks depth. Melee characters are boring, i dont know why anyone would pick a melee character to main, you are bassically a damage sponge that autoattacks everything while your magic ranged attackers have all the fun with their spells in the background. The combat starts difficult at first because you have no equipment and no levels (i played on Hard), and i remember some fanboys here told me that in Divinity Orignal Sin the combat becomes really easy as you progress in the game... well guess what?, its just the same thing here, as soon as my characters were getting better gear i was facerolling everything and you know what?, THAT IS NOT A BAD THING, i like to feel like im accomplishing something when i get better gear or when i level up, i want to become powerful and enjoy killing things, thats RPGs for you, its what they are about, if i wanted a game that cheap shots me every time even when i had the best equipment with 1 hit kills or something i would play Dark Souls... Overall i think the combat needs to be turn based and magic needs to be more deep from what we have now, but not everyhting is bad there is still some fun to had at least with a wizard with the spells you get so like is said its not terrible but its too simple. A.I.- Was a world of difference playing with AI than with none, when this game released i just couldnt bare to play it because of the micro managing, with the AI all my problems were solved and i could actually enjoy it, so a BIG THANK YOU for listening to us and adding this, i had no troubles whatsoever with the AI, not saying anyone who had troubles with it is wrong or are lying just saying that i personaly didnt found anything in my playthrough. The writing- Amazing, and this is where i throw another punch at the fanboys which probably think im a hater at this point just because i dared to criticize the combat, guess what?, if there is something this game does better than DOS is the writing, man, i really loved EVERY side quest and every thing i found on my adventure, Jesus i liked all my companions even when i always seemed to piss off durance (lol) i really liked the dude,Eder was so funny and a really cool dude, easily the best companion, Aloth with that girl inside him was hilatious , Kana was a really cool dude BIG and strong at at the same time was so cute and adorable seriously, I fell in love with the Grieving mother she was just so amazing character and really felt sorry for her but in the end i helped her to endure her pain and surpass it without forgeting it like she wanted to, sadly thats all the companions i could bring in my journey but i spoke a bit with the druid dude in the stronghold and what he said about all my companions when asking him his opinion was hilarious specially what he said about Pallegina and Durance. I really like what you did with this game, i was hating at first not gaining experience in battles but is soon find myself immersend in your GREAT content with the quests and side quest that i side tracked myself from the mains story for hours... seriously, well done. Items and loot- I found it really well done, but i really dont liked the way you capped it, i mean that you cant stack stats, a lot of gear i got was like "oh looka t that amazing ring with defection" just to find that none of my characters can put more defection on themselves and putting it in the stash forever... lots of equip go useless like this in the entire game which is s shame, also i didnt liked that you cant enchant headgear... and most of the time my characters had to wear ugly hats because they had good stats... at least i got an enchanted hood for my Wizard that even if a got something better i refused to put it on... like seriously why would i wear a deers head?, overall the crafting was easy to use and understand something that is again better done in this game than in DOS where i didnt even bothered with crafting, granted their crafting is deeper and has more options but its so ****ing confusing that i didnt even bothered. I liked the items that gave you spells and interesting effects at first i was thinking that the itemization was bland with just stats but i soon found out that it wasnt true at all. Music and Graphics- Dont want to duel much on this, the graphics are amazing, i reall liked the style, not everygame has to be full 3d and **** to be beatiful, the sad part about this is the fog dudes... why?, it just ruins the amazing stuff you done with the graphics, understand the fog in caves ans **** but in the fields or in the towns???, just no. The music was really good i loved it i have no complaints other than maybe the music in the battles become to repetitive but they are good tracks, oh and speaking of sound i loved the way your characters actually cast with their voices when doing a spell, sadly some voices are bugged and you cant barely hear them, so i had to change my main character voice to hear him casting and also sometimes with too much stuff happening at the same time they interrupt their voices with other effects. Overall i think had a great experience with the game and unlike some people im glad it ended, things have to end, thats why im dweling if i should do the expansion or not since even if i liked the game i am feeling tired of the concept after 50 hours or so, so who knows maybe y do maybe i dont, maybe when i finish FO4, for now i think this game deserves a solid 9, its a great game and i hope you improve on this and when you release another game you take all the feedback we gave you to make an even better one and i encourage you to stop doing expansions to this game and just go for a new one, things have to end like i said, you cant stay doing expansions for this game forever and you shouldnt, you are making a great IP with this and you should take the oportunity to make an even great game than this already is, take your time but not take too much. Thanks for the pleassing experience.
  4. I finished the game and Wizards are definitely not garbage, in fact my Wizard was my most powerful character and was WAY ahead in damage, enemies killed critical hits etc, i advice to read what pi2repsion said to me when he aided me. Just wanted to put this here so anyone who wonders this same knows it. Im TC if you havent noticed it.
  5. I dont think i understand what was your point, care to re-elaborate? Also do i have to type the nofog command everytime i enter a map?, that will be annoying lol.
  6. Yeah, it seems no one read the part where i said that i wasnt suggesting the same thing, just saying that the devs should focus on a more interactive combat so its more fun to play, isntead of the passive BS we have now, everything is on the background thats not fun srsly is just there happening and you dont give a single ****.
  7. This disables everything right?... mmmm i dont know if i should disable the fog in everyplace even if i never been there, how do you disable it, in the same way?
  8. Holly **** thats a huge answer an bassically you say "yes DOS has better combat but I MYSELF prefer POE combat" thats fine, you dont have to like it better but thing is DOS has factually better combat than POE something you even said. POE combat is just a zerg vs zerg, meaning is just a bunch of characters going against each other and making a huge mob in the middle of the battlefield where everybody is clustered, looks ridiculous and plays ridiculous. When that happes and it always happens in POE all you need to do is unleash your AOEs in them (CC or damage or whatever) and thats every combat in POE. EZ as ****. DOS sin combat is more strategic and plays better, you really need to think where you are going to position your characters and where are you going to unleash your AOE because there is no safezone for AOEs in that game (something that is good and bad at the same time) and i dont remember that DOS had any only foe AOE so thats a lot harder in the end,also the AI of enemies is better they rarely or never go all for the same characters or cluster temselves in cells near each other just to be easy prey of AOEs. Magic in DOS is just 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than in POE i shouldnt have to explain why seriously, is more fun to play with the enviorements and the different effects of the magics than what you have in POE where everything does damage and the only difference is the color of the effects thats it, nothing interesting at all and the other spells are cc and buffs/debuffs (it was hilarious how you added debuffs as if somehow now because i forgot to say debuffs then suddenly the magic is not crap... LOOOL), both games become rather easy as you progress in the game, thing is DOS is WAAAAAY more fun adn have more challenge and strategy in the end because in POE all the combats go in the same direction mob vs mob gets clustered in the middle--->Unleash AOE, thats it, stop pretending there is more to it because it isnt. What i would change, well there is nothing left to be done in here, better think about another combat system in the future sequel, we have what we have now there is no way (and i dont expect them to) the devs are going to make mayor changes in the combat at this point. If theya re going to stick to the same combat mehcanics they need to look at how Dragon Age (the original not the garbage sequels specially that aberration Inquisition was) handled the AI and how you could customize how the AI would use their skills/spells etc, also they REALLY need to improve the enemy AI seriously all they do is like i said ove and over, cluster altogether around your party making a HUGE mob that just becomes too easy to just AOE and be done with it. They need to add more ACTIVE mechanics instead on just passive BS happening on the bakcground, i mean all of those debuffs and buffs that you most of the time dont even notice because you dont even care and there is too much **** going on to begin with that you just ignore all that, better do more active stuff, i dont know what but something that makes the combat more interactive, someone already said how ME 2 for example added at higher difficulties some stuff like the armor,shield and barrier mechanics that made you think how to deal with enemies and how you would build your characters etc, obviously im not suggesting they do exactly the same thing but there should be someting they could do to make the game feel more alive and fun and not jsut a bunch of passives on the background. If they cant do that then just make the game turn based and improve your magic, learn from what DOS did to magic and also bring more interesting physical skills for non magical classes its not fair they cant do some fancy **** here and there, obviously they cant be as versitile as spell casters but they need some love. Cant EDIT: Along with other things, cut down on the quote tree.
  9. Is there a mod or a normal mean to disable the fog on already explored areas?, i like the art of the game but unfortunatelly that fog just keeps getting in the way of my enjoyment.
  10. If you like D:OS better than PoE, that's fine with me. As I said, it's very subjective. You seem to be the one who can't stand it if someone doesn't like your favorite game as much as they like other game Now you talk about repetitive encounters and that it was "too easy" when you leveled up... POE is the same Zerg vs ZERG all over again your spells are damage/buffs/CC, THATS IT, talking about repetitive **** and this game is the epitome of repetition... and its normal to become powerful in an RPG and feel that some stuff is easier when you level up, maybe you should stop playing RPG if you dont like the reward of becoming powerfull in a game. What? Is this a response to what I said? What's a zerg? Are you disputing that I found D:OS's encounters repetitive, boring, and far too easy? Many others felt the same way. In D:OS you automatically gained a level. You couldn't delay it like you can in PoE. So when I went to areas with enemies far above my level in D:OS, I gained a lot of XP and automatically gained a lot of levels and vitality very quickly, making the combat even easier when I was trying to make it harder. I appreciate that PoE lets the player decide when to level up because it's a good way to allow the player to control the difficulty of the game. You can stay at a low level but go to areas with tougher enemies. It's also a callback to the IE games so that reminder of those games is nice for me. Player controlled leveling is a mechanic that many RPGs don't have and I really wish that they did. You may like being able to sleepwalk through 90% of a game's combat like I did in D:OS but I don't. I prefer either being able to avoid combat altogether or else have challenging combat. For me, PoE's combat was far more challenging than D:OS's combat, although I think PoE also suffers from repetitive encounters. If you think D:OS's combat was more challenging than PoE's, what did you find more challenging about it? How would you make PoE's more challenging? That might make for a far more interesting discussion than you repeatedly calling people fanboys. i already addressed what you say, so no, im not gonna repeat myself. Cant EDIT:
  11. DOS combat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> POE combat, there is nothing subjective in that. "I liked the combat mechanics of D:OS much better than the combat mechanics of PoE" ---> "I prefer PoE's combat" Do you even listen to yourselves fanboys?. Combat is more than the mechanics. (I didn't even like all of the mechanics but I liked being able to teleport, being able to combine spells like oil and flame or oil and flame arrow and I liked the way Larian handled AP.) You can have great mechanics and awful, boring, repetitive encounters, i.e. bad combat if you look at actual gameplay and not some theoretical construct of how great these mechanics would be if they were used well. In D:OS's case, the encounters were boring for me because they were far too easy after about early level three. That's very early in the game. I could use the same tactics in every fight and even when I tried switching tactics, the fights were pretty much the same. The fights were too easy even with house rules like no healing in combat, only wearing low level robes, no using companions, etc. At least in PoE, I could make the combat fun with house rules, e.g., not leveling up when I could. If you like D:OS better than PoE, that's fine with me. As I said, it's very subjective. You seem to be the one who can't stand it if someone doesn't like your favorite game as much as they like other game Now you talk about repetitive encounters and that it was "too easy" when you leveled up... POE is the same Zerg vs ZERG all over again your spells are damage/buffs/CC, THATS IT, talking about repetitive **** and this game is the epitome of repetition... and its normal to become powerful in an RPG and feel that some stuff is easier when you level up, maybe you should stop playing RPG if you dont like the reward of becoming powerfull in a game. Cant EDIT: same
  12. I'm not explaining this to address you. I don't address trolls as a rule. But others might be interested in the D:OS comparison in a civil way. Combat isn't just the mechanics. As fun s D:OS was, and as much as I wish PoE play more like D:OS, it has one class and a total of 4 companions to choose from. It's also a 4-member party system. For many people who grew up with the IE games, 6-member, class-based gameplay = automatic preferable, myself included. We are talking about combat not the classes or anything and in DOS there is no classes, you can build your characters the way you want. So... having 2 more party members makes it preferable for some strange reason... thats a fanboy excuse. BTW having less party members would be even better in POE because in reality the combat in POE is just a zerg fest. POE has some stuff better than DOS but we are talking about combat here in which not in a million years POE is better than DOS. BTW keep calling me a troll, thats another sign of fanboyism, if someone dares to say anything about my precious or my incoherence then it must be a troll.... SURE. Cant EDIT: Notice I didn't remove every use of 'fanboy?' I think your remarks are clearly meant to be provocative. That's fair enough. Just refrain from personal attacks. I even left the last 'fanboyism' use in there since it seems more part of a defense than an attack.
  13. What did you expect was going to happen if you do content that you are supposed to do after beating the game genius?, obviously the content is for people that already beat the game they increased the level cap and added more skills, so you honestly believe they would not add new level cap and reward crap exp and loot so people could do the content at any level?, i bet you would be the first one crying in the forums because the expansion didnt added anything new for the people that already beated the game.
  14. Cant EDIT: I refer you to my previous remarks. Which game you like more is very subjective. I liked the combat mechanics of D:OS much better than the combat mechanics of PoE. E.g., it was a lot of fun to teleport enemies, set them on fire, etc. However, for me, combat in D:OS became much too easy after the first few levels. Overall, I prefer PoE's combat, although both have repetitive encounters. I liked the writing, dialog, and companions more in PoE, though all of those areas had problems in PoE as well. I know other people who didn't think that the combat was much too easy in D:OS, or at least not until pretty far into the game. Understandably, they like D:OS's combat, and generally D:OS itself, far more than I do. DOS combat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> POE combat, there is nothing subjective in that. "I liked the combat mechanics of D:OS much better than the combat mechanics of PoE" ---> "I prefer PoE's combat" Cant EDIT: Please refrain from personal attacks and name-calling.
  15. I do agree that fighters arent fun at all, i mean i never mained one but i see Eder and i see his skills gain and talens, the way im building it is like a punching bag that just stands there doing nothing but autoattacks, i think most RPG are really shy and incompetent at the same time in putting warrior skills or aka physical abilities, DOS had a bunch of cool physical abilities not as many as mages but it was tottally better than in POE, i think the devs should start thinking outisde the box and make some cool physical abilities for melee fighters, like i said im only talking on what i see on Eder.
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