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  1. I like the per encounter spells too, it allows my caster to do more than wand their way thru wave after wave of trash mobs. It grants flexibility on how I approach every encounter. Before my character reach the level where I could use per encounter I would save spells for the boss like encounters, so my character felt under utilized for most fights. I could rest after after several encounters but since their is a limit of camping supplies I would have to run back and restock and then have to wait thru all those reloading screens. My PC doesn't have a SSD drive so I would have to wait and
  2. Yaaay! the crybabies that ask for nerfs in single player games win again! Good thing that: -I already finished the game and not planing a second playthrough (screw you crybabies) -If i would ever consider doing another run i would use a mod to put the spells per encounter as they were and im not gonna come and cry to the forums so everybody has to play the game as i demand, because lets just remember that this crybabies could just have done that instead of demanding that everybody should play the way they wanted. (screw you crybabies)
  3. I just finished the game (main game not the expansion) Took my i believe like 50 hours or so, have to say its a good amount of time because i was already feeling tired, so i thank is not that longer, im probably not going to do the expansion at least not now. What i have to say is that is a really good game, i really liked it, besides its obvious flaws in the combat system everything else the game has to offer is pretty well done. The story- Some people say they dont liked it or found it "meh", well i dont know but i really liked the story, also liked how you make desicions about y
  4. I finished the game and Wizards are definitely not garbage, in fact my Wizard was my most powerful character and was WAY ahead in damage, enemies killed critical hits etc, i advice to read what pi2repsion said to me when he aided me. Just wanted to put this here so anyone who wonders this same knows it. Im TC if you havent noticed it.
  5. I dont think i understand what was your point, care to re-elaborate? Also do i have to type the nofog command everytime i enter a map?, that will be annoying lol.
  6. Yeah, it seems no one read the part where i said that i wasnt suggesting the same thing, just saying that the devs should focus on a more interactive combat so its more fun to play, isntead of the passive BS we have now, everything is on the background thats not fun srsly is just there happening and you dont give a single ****.
  7. This disables everything right?... mmmm i dont know if i should disable the fog in everyplace even if i never been there, how do you disable it, in the same way?
  8. Holly **** thats a huge answer an bassically you say "yes DOS has better combat but I MYSELF prefer POE combat" thats fine, you dont have to like it better but thing is DOS has factually better combat than POE something you even said. POE combat is just a zerg vs zerg, meaning is just a bunch of characters going against each other and making a huge mob in the middle of the battlefield where everybody is clustered, looks ridiculous and plays ridiculous. When that happes and it always happens in POE all you need to do is unleash your AOEs in them (CC or damage or whatever) and thats every
  9. Is there a mod or a normal mean to disable the fog on already explored areas?, i like the art of the game but unfortunatelly that fog just keeps getting in the way of my enjoyment.
  10. If you like D:OS better than PoE, that's fine with me. As I said, it's very subjective. You seem to be the one who can't stand it if someone doesn't like your favorite game as much as they like other game Now you talk about repetitive encounters and that it was "too easy" when you leveled up... POE is the same Zerg vs ZERG all over again your spells are damage/buffs/CC, THATS IT, talking about repetitive **** and this game is the epitome of repetition... and its normal to become powerful in an RPG and feel that some stuff is easier when you level up, maybe you should stop pl
  11. DOS combat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> POE combat, there is nothing subjective in that. "I liked the combat mechanics of D:OS much better than the combat mechanics of PoE" ---> "I prefer PoE's combat" Do you even listen to yourselves fanboys?. Combat is more than the mechanics. (I didn't even like all of the mechanics but I liked being able to teleport, being able to combine spells like oil and flame or oil and flame arrow and I liked the w
  12. I'm not explaining this to address you. I don't address trolls as a rule. But others might be interested in the D:OS comparison in a civil way. Combat isn't just the mechanics. As fun s D:OS was, and as much as I wish PoE play more like D:OS, it has one class and a total of 4 companions to choose from. It's also a 4-member party system. For many people who grew up with the IE games, 6-member, class-based gameplay = automatic preferable, myself included. We are talking about combat not the classes or anything and in DOS there is no classes, you can build your characters the way you
  13. What did you expect was going to happen if you do content that you are supposed to do after beating the game genius?, obviously the content is for people that already beat the game they increased the level cap and added more skills, so you honestly believe they would not add new level cap and reward crap exp and loot so people could do the content at any level?, i bet you would be the first one crying in the forums because the expansion didnt added anything new for the people that already beated the game.
  14. Cant EDIT: I refer you to my previous remarks. Which game you like more is very subjective. I liked the combat mechanics of D:OS much better than the combat mechanics of PoE. E.g., it was a lot of fun to teleport enemies, set them on fire, etc. However, for me, combat in D:OS became much too easy after the first few levels. Overall, I prefer PoE's combat, although both have repetitive encounters. I liked the writing, dialog, and companions more in PoE, though all of those areas had problems in PoE as well. I know other people who didn't think that the combat was much too easy in D:OS,
  15. I do agree that fighters arent fun at all, i mean i never mained one but i see Eder and i see his skills gain and talens, the way im building it is like a punching bag that just stands there doing nothing but autoattacks, i think most RPG are really shy and incompetent at the same time in putting warrior skills or aka physical abilities, DOS had a bunch of cool physical abilities not as many as mages but it was tottally better than in POE, i think the devs should start thinking outisde the box and make some cool physical abilities for melee fighters, like i said im only talking on what i see o
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