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  1. it was last tuesday, but that doesnt mean it will be on every tuesday unfortunately, i wish for sure that it was on a consistent day that way we just know
  2. Who has said they were entitled? I am pretty sure anyone that is for it that has posted on this thread has stated that they don't feel that they are entitled but it would be nice to see. At least that is the gist i have gotten from reading every post on this thread.
  3. inquiring about the funding is far from being on their backs and restricting their creative image of the game...
  4. as far as the concern of it bringing bickering and complaining to the forums i just feel like saying, who cares. i dont care if johnny wants to complain about how much they are allocating to character design or what susie has to say about them using X amount of dollars for post production. I dont want a breakdown because i think OE is incompetent or because i dont trust them. if that were the case i would have never pledged. It is simply because i am curious. Maybe that isnt a good enough of a reason to see such a thing, but from their perspective who cares if people complain. people comp
  5. how will the lock pick mechanic work, will 9 lock picks break and then the 10th one works? or will it jsut say this will cost you 10 lock picks and it opens?
  6. thats just it though, if you know you arent informed enough to understand the costs, then there really isnt any reason for you to get upset. you are already self aware enough to admit you dont know what costs what, so then you should be aware enough not to get upset when you see figures. I mean i am curious if all the rewards cost $500K, personally i think they were smart with the reward tiers as most of the stuff is digital and should help keep costs down. things like cloth maps are going to drive the costs up etc...
  7. Also to add to that, when the owner of that project had been transparent, every comment i read was only positive. People were happy to see him be so willing to tell them where all the money went, he even told them he was $50k in debt trying to finish the project and that it was going to get finished no matter what. So he reassured people that he wasn't going to let them down.
  8. Yea i don't want a very detailed breakdown, just something broad. For example i was browsing kickstarter the other day and came upon a project that was over and had been funded. The owner of the project posted an update with a broad break down and the total amount of money he had raised was around $35k, just for his rewards and incentives to his backers he had spend $10k. I couldn't believe that was how much it had cost for incentives to get people to back the project. Things like that is what i find interesting. And to the guy that said if we got these numbers we wouldn't know what to do
  9. yea i guess this is true that some people would feel that they then would have the right to tell obsidian how to spend their money
  10. dont get me wrong... i dont think we actually have any entitlement. and i wouldnt want a breakdown on every single penny as far as peoples salarys go. like i dont need to know how much george is getting in order to be on the team. It could just be something like $10,000 - for graphics engine and in game tools being built $500 - alcohol for the kickstarter ending party or whatever. i am just interested in the fact that i personally would like to see what that amount of money goes into to make a game like PE. Also i am a numbers guy so i actually like number crunching. thats just me tho
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