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  1. Remember you can have 6 members in your party. I tried and failed with 5, went back to the inn and bought a pocketpaladin, again and failed, but got it the third time. Good fight.
  2. Sabres have a "Damage over time" effect, and I have a few questions about it. 1 Does the Damage over Time effect stack (can it be applied repeatedly) or will each application be overwritten? 2 Can the Damage over Time effect be triggered by the Barbarian "carnage" skill? 3 How much damage does the effect do, how long does the effect last? Thanks.
  3. I haven't even played the game yet, but I think your assumptions are correct, Barbs are good for groups, but not so good against Bosses. But this is why we have groups, so that we can have a fighter for a boss fight, and a Barb for the swarms of goblins.
  4. I don't play horror games, because a lot of times they just seem too gory and not suspenseful or interesting enough. Having said that though, I think that Obsidian could do a good Horror/Suspense/Fantasy RPG, tastefully done, it would be fantastic. Something like Ravenloft meets Lovecraft. EDIT: And if they did it themselves, from scratch, they wouldn't have any constraints and could really go to town. It could be really amazing.
  5. It is different because we are not talking about microchips, we're not talking about satelites, or radio technology. We're talking about actual physical machines. A physical machine that turns and cranks and rotates. How can you confuse a Catapult with magic? Even if the Catapult shoots lightening instead of big rocks, it is still infinittely different than someone who speaks magical words of powers, and then shoots a bolt of lightening from their fingertips.
  6. The problem though isn't the studying aspect, the problem is the manifestation of power. Wizards shoot lightening bolts from their finger tips, and turn people into newts. Druids similarly cause thunderstorms through willpower or through communion with nature. A Natural Philospher would have an entirly DIFFERENT dynamic, although the end results might be similar. A Natural Philosopher might use a device to shoot lightening, or might seed a cloud with debris to cause a thunderstorm, but it is clearly a different way of acomplishing the task, and the task would have a different and probably less controlable result. Yes, they both study books a lot, but that is where the similarities end in my opinion.
  7. Does anyone else wish they could play a Natural Philospher type of a class? Don't say Wizard! Wizards are not scientists! Yes Wizards study, yes Wizards learn, but they learn magic, not natural philosphy. (or as we call it today: science) Where did catapults and siege engines come from? Natural Philosphy. Natural Philosphers are badass. I would love to play a classed based on that idea. Try to imagine: Richard Feynman + MacGyver, and if your head doesn't explode you're not doing it right.
  8. IIRC the unremovable curse is not that you literally can not let it go, but rather that the weapon always magically reappears whenever you go to reach for a weapon. So you could take the cursed bastard sword and lock it in a safe, but next time you get into a fight and reach for a weapon "Hello again old chum" you'd unsheath and it would be the bastard sword in your hand.
  9. Funny thing, that is again Warhammer, this time Lizardmen Whatever happened to warhammer online anyway?
  10. That plague monk is amazing. I can almost hear the bells ringing. It actually makes me wonder if in PE classes will be varied between races. One thing that always bothers me a bit is that in most games the race really doesn't matter. You could be a hobbit fighter or a half-orc fighter and the only major difference is the half-orc would hit a bit harder and be a bit tougher and look a lot different, but otherwise they would essentially be the same thing. Same skills, same saves, same progression, etc.
  11. That's a great video thanks for sharing. I've done my fair share of sword fighting/training. Those guys have great control. Weapon of choice: Ninjutsu style short sword.
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