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  1. Just an idea, but since they are in good relationship with inXile, and both companies are using the same Obsidian tools, how about Wasteland spin-off, with more fallouty mechanics with Tim Cain as Project Director and Chris Avellone as Creative lead. Wasteland: New Vegas
  2. I would love some SciFi rpg, with upgraded PoE's stronghold mechanics for spaceship, which could be used as a transport al'a kotor, with more open world approach taken from fallout 1-2 , tactical turn based combat (again Fallouts but also Jagged Alliance) and placed on beautiful prerendered backgrounds of Pillars engine. Maybe they could fit somehow Avellone's Star Wars pitch?
  3. Well, actually it was the first thing that came to my mind, seeing how many different companies are doing low budget WH40K games for mobile and PC, I wonder however if they would be able to afford such license as Firefly.
  4. I believe we don't have any details about it, but let's speculate a bit. I think this time they will try SciFi or Space Opera setting, I also believe that they will use the Pillars engine, as it will reduce time and money needed for the project. Do you think it is possible for them to license some property or they will try once again to create their own?
  5. I really hope the game will feature 100% of tytness, but can the game be tyte without facehuggers? Only eight days left till the OXM coverage yeehaw!
  6. I really thought it was EA, they've been preparing a deal for about a year know. Anyway it's Activision, Arcanum and Gabriel Knight are the first games 5.99 each
  7. it's EA cool stuff like Ultima's and D.Keepers here I come!
  8. I played DMoMM for the first time about a month ago, and was quite suprised how good the game is. I wonder how good it is in multiplayer, anyone played it this way?
  9. Dagon


    The should release the damn teaser trailer already, so the wait till the february 11th will be much sweeter. And as far as I remember they did it this way with Fallout 3, first Trailer, and in about a month the details about the game.
  10. Dagon


    Hell yeah but I really don't like the sentence "Bethesda's new post-apocalyptic RPG..." EDIT Oh and this look like Fallout 3 screenshot, only with Copy-Pasted vegas sign in the distance
  11. Dagon


    **** the news were too good to be true I suppose...
  12. Dagon


    Yeah, but still I would love to see vehicles Also hoping that this isn't a hoax, I really would like to see Origins, and playing as Super Mutant and Ghoul sounds good as well.
  13. I really hope that there will be full announcement at VGA
  14. Anyone remembers when we shoul hear something new about this Dark Su... I mean this unannounced fantasy RPG?
  15. Dagon


    Something tells me that we won't see any news till Video Game Awards
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