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  1. Oh? So what you're saying is: "In my very limited time away from my very busy life I want my entertainment to be unchallenging." In that case, have you considered purchasing an xbox? No offense but I think your request for the watering-down of challenging gaming for your own casual interest to be a selfish and shallow one. Smart people should play challenging games. Exercising your brain should be rewarding. Stupid or perhaps busy people should maybe stray from challenging games. Now wait just a second here... Hmmmm... My guess is that the devs are going to attempt to make this game interesting for people who enjoy challenging games.
  2. ITT people find new ways of whining about new things to whine about. #goodmorningamerica
  3. Really, it was nice? What was nice about it? Oh. I see. You have a lot of relationships that go like this then? You: Hi, you're a demon? Demon: Yeah. You: You like me? Demon: Yeah. You: Don't be mad, I want to kiss. Demon: *kiss* Yeah, seems reasonable and unforced. I mean, why wouldn't a demon have the hots for an irreparably disfigured dead guy mere minutes after meeting him? Right? Oh, ok. Good to know you think this. Insider knowledge I presume?
  4. WHY. "I want kissykissy in muh gaem!" "No, that's dumb." The End. Seriously. It's been discussed to death. To death.
  5. You should at least be visiting the forums on the last Sunday of every month. Should you choose not to, the fabric which makes up the existence you believe yourself to be a part of will begin unraveling and you will suffer unending madness.
  6. Dude. Don't be rude. You seem to have captured "overwhelming elation" perfectly, Prosper. Great job! We should be so lucky. Love it! Are you any closer to getting this dungeon finished?
  7. The look of "Oh god what is this going to be about..." when the words "RPG Codex" are uttered.
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