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  1. I found a standard algorithm that handles the general case 10% better than mine. no point in this thread anymore. sad i had to find out the truth.
  2. I've developed an algorithm. I will be releasing source code that implements it with a license for all to use how they choose. I just want us all to use it freely. To release something to the public I will want to put it into the public domain. I consider obsidian a big place with a public face. It's also a fun url to type into the web browser. I count on obsidian's future success for these forums to remain around in case anyone needs to see proof of the algorithm being released to the public. Now you know my purpose, If this was your creation, where would you release it on this site?
  3. brb. edit: encryption confirmed.
  4. i logged back into obsidian's forum(s) and made a new post about art
  5. Been a while. But I have new art. But it is minecraft art. in the first image I didn't make that brickhouse with the tower. a friend did. also in the first image the decaying wooden ship was another user's. these images are from my realms server.
  6. *redacted* Someone has said a game already exist that does what I originally made this topic about. I didn't fact check his claim but he proved how unappreciative he was.
  7. I fixed Diablo 3 today. before after
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