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  1. Checks and balances. While I despise the moral character and general demeanor of the current U.S. president, you can see the checks and balances of the other branches of federal government expressing themselves in a clearer way right now. There are attempts by the president to alter policy through executive action and vetoing, but then you have in the general public a broader discussion of executive branch overreach which should have been happening 40 years ago. A more philosophical correction may be taking place. Anecdotally, I have overheard more constructive political discussion around
  2. - https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/life-unbounded/the-solar-eclipse-coincidence/ I like to think about this sometimes. Because of this, we were able to test Einstein's theory of relativity in 1919: -https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_relativity
  3. Now please understand that I am not unsympathetic to people who have no "faith" in God. I comprehend the doubts and questions. I have struggled with them myself. I have seen my close friend who grew up in the same faith as me decide that he did not believe it anymore, and yet we are still close friends. I understand where he is coming from with his questions. But I suppose God has "revealed" himself to me in "ways" that are "real" to me. My friend has not had God "reveal" himself in the same "ways" and so does not find him as "real" as I do. The "ways" I sense that God has "revealed" himself a
  4. Here is another question. If God is love, but you do not have love for your brother who you do see, how will you understand who God is, God who you cannot see? Another interesting idea would be to propose that God is only found if people seek him with their whole heart. So if people never seek him, how will they know whether or not he can be found? ---------------------------------------------------- 1 John 4: 8"Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." ... 12"No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete
  5. ------Excerpt from Lilith, by George MacDonald------ "How DID I get here?" I said--apparently aloud, for the question was immediately answered. "You came through the door," replied an odd, rather harsh voice. ... "I did not come through any door," I rejoined. "I saw you come through it!--saw you with my own ancient eyes!" asserted the raven, positively but not disrespectfully. "I never saw any door!" I persisted. "Of course not!" he returned; "all the doors you had yet seen--and you haven't seen many--were doors in; here you came upon a door out! The strange
  6. I find it hard to answer your question unless you further explain to me what you refer to when you say "real proof." What does "real proof" mean to you? For example, perhaps after reading this, suppose you did experience "lights in the sky or some kind of manifestation of an entity." Would that change your question at all? And maybe what I am saying is that there is importance in the turn of phrase, "weight of evidence." You may have many factors that you consider when you decide something is "real," and when you believe something is real, it is because you have taken into account at a
  7. Never could resist "religion" threads. Apparently that hasn't changed. Now back to chemistry homework.
  8. "Roughly speaking, the word faith seems to be used by Christians in two senses or on two levels, and I will take them in turn. In the first sense it means simply belief--accepting or regarding as true the doctrines of Christianity. That is fairly simple. But what does puzzle people--at least it used to puzzle me--is the fact that Christians regard faith in this sense as a virtue. I used to ask how on Earth it can be a virtue--what is there moral or immoral about believing or not believing a set of statements? Obviously, I used to say, a sane man accepts or rejects any statement, not because he
  9. As I mentioned in the game thread, I want to keep a place for you all to discuss the goingons of things outside of the game, out of character. We will try to keep the other thread free from the poor-witted banter you are all so insistent on poisoning the internet with. Thank you for obliging. Peace, Blank
  10. Out of Character: Answers to some questions you all may have after I came out of nowhere to rekindle this game: 1. I have all of your information that you ever sent me and that I ever sent you. (WorstUsernameEver, this includes your character sheet and background) 2. I will make an Out of Character thread so we don't inundate this thread with our OOC inanity. 3. I am incredibly busy with school. 16 credits in Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Physics I, with lab classes for each. However, I am not going to abandon this game as I did before when I got busy. My goal is to post at l
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cqOEr_yfak"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cqOEr_yfak
  12. Walsy- Ridge Theophilus Butterfat. You are wet, and cold, and tired. After hitchhiking with a surprisingly kind group of Kobold-skin traders, you find yourself in the vast and famed city of Neverwinter. Except, at the moment, you are not impressed. It is nighttime, and raining heavily. Standing in the middle of a dimly lit road, you see some street lanterns swaying back and forth in the wind and the rain. One of them goes out as you watch. It's a bleak sight, mostly because you haven't eaten since that morning. And now your stomach growls as you remember a scene with the Kobold-skin trader
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