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  1. Well dude I freaking love pain. Anyway way to contribute to this thread I’m starting up deadfire for the third time since it was released on Xbox and I hope to finish it this time. I love the game but my two issues have been my inability to stick to a class and also the long and abundant load times. I’m hoping that acknowledging and facing and attempting to correct my problem (sticking with a class) is enough to combat the load time issue. However New Vegas is loaded in the chamber and I’m ready to switch
  2. Damn I almost started that back up the other day having not played in over a year. Are you playing on normal difficulty or survival?
  3. I also think it was interesting to see that joke explained earlier
  4. Anyone still there?
  5. I logged on here looking for old friends but I forgot how to navigate
  6. Not to mention how silly it is that your solution to what you perceive as irrational behavior is violence.
  7. What's a joke's favorite fruit? Punchlineapple!
  8. So I guess it's getting kind of serious between you two, huh GD?
  9. Also why the f can't you recieve messages Wals?
  10. You think just because you're some big shot (speaking of where's hurlshot?) VIP you can boss us around? Well not anymore, there's a new sheriff in town and he's going to be the one bossing me around!
  11. Logged onto Obsidian Entertainment's forums for the first time in like a year or more maybe. Hey
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