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Found 10 results

  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-32872350 ISIS are about to callously wipe out a "tiny" bird sanctuary, in Syria. I'm just so ****ing glad that the BBC and the great British public have come together to make this a front page headline. This, my friends, is the true cost of extremism, and civil war.
  2. I tag this thread with Possible Spoilers, not because there is intended to be any, but because there'll possibly be a few, probably minor ones, but possibly major, so if you are sensitive, stay out. Now, anyway, there was this other thread, where I found myself running away with a concept, and realized that we needed a thread for suggesting CNPC:s! Woo. As I have harped on numerous times, the number of CNPC:s in the game is abysmal, and leave very little options in regard to choice, and it's exceedingly hard to push them away. Also, their reactivity leaves a lot to be desired. And during the course of the "Lack of Evil Companions"-thread, I started drawing the outlines for a suggested CNPC, and realized I wanted a thread like this. In it, we will both broad-stroke suggestions for various companions as well as flesh them out as much as we desire, albeit not write them. It's mostly meant to be food for thought and little more. Now, from my own perspective here, I'm going to be assuming balanced Attributes, as well as more diverse and different weapon focus groups. I hated how the existing CNPC:s got compromised and actually changed because of the Attribute system resulting in them getting "bad" Attributes, so if I suggest "bad" Attribute spreads for anything, it's because I operate under the assumption that they're not bad, and Attribute spreads are more about characterization and playstyle (beyond Tank vs. DPS), rather than lopsided and simple min/max. I suggest everyone else does the same. I will also assume a CNPC Level of 2, meaning 1 Ability, 1 Talent. This is purely because that's what I think CNPC:s should be limited to in terms of auto-leveling, in order for them to be a bit fleshed out, but still have ample room to move. It is by no means a rule; feel free to post full progressions suggestions in the same way CNPC:s in the game already has. And without further ado, a "proper" post of my original idea that made me want this thread, below. I will put it in a separate post.
  3. It's in most media, so no links. Just curious to know why it wasn't being discussed.
  4. It is my considered opinion that we could reach an accomodation with Al Qaeda if they left off killing people who offended their worldview, and instead ruthlessly pursued DESIGNERS WHO PUT 'HELPFUL' FEATURES INTO INTERFACES, LIKE ZOOMING IN AND OUT OF A DATABASE BECAUSE THE USER HAS CHOSEN TO ENTER A CERTAIN TYPE OF DATA.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24582781 Thought it was worth highlighting since some of you chaps keep demanding Muslims speak out. I wonder how many of you would speak out publicly if you knew you'd spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. I wonder if I would.
  6. Nice to see more people realising that terror is the way to achieve political goals. Bombs, the perfect thing to do once you've run out of things to say.
  7. Despite many years of seeing such attacks, this takes the absolute biscuit, cake, and associated cutlery. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/10/06/uk-iraq-violence-idUKBRE99504U20131006 A suicide bomber has detonated a truck borne explosive device. His target? A primary school. Early indications are that at least 15 are dead. I cannot imagine a more perfect example of the deranged and nihilistic agenda of Al Qaeda. Nor a more powerful counter-argument to those who say we must accomodate and negotiate with them.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-24322683 What an heroic attack against unarmed, sleeping, agricultural students. No doubt the moral relativists of the board will put forward a clear concise argument as to why we should strive to understand these chaps, and not eradicate them. And I can only hope that Boko Haram will express their gratitude in an appropriate fashion.
  9. So, apparently the Abbottabad report, the internal Pakistani report containing the accounts of all Pakistani eyewitnesses to OBL's killing has been leaked. These eyewitnesses include those living with OBL, and the present a very detailed and interesting perspective. The report also contains lots of small interesting details, for example OBL had allegedly written in his will (currently in American possession) that his sons should not seek leadership positions in Al-Qaeda, and OBL at some point fled through Iran, perhaps with the consent of the regime. The report is very critical towards Pakistan, even shockingly alleging that it is possible that OBL must have had support from within the ISI, and that other ISI agents also were paid off by the CIA. Overall it is a unique look at how negligence and cooperation could allow him to be on the run for so long, and at how Pakistan dealt with the American incursion. One page is notably missing, probably cut as to not reveal information which could potentially hurt someone. Here's the direct link: http://webapps.aljazeera.net/aje/custom/binladenfiles/Pakistan-Bin-Laden-Dossier.pdf And here is Al Jazeera's page on the subject: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/spotlight/binladenfiles/
  10. Remember those two halfwits who murdered Lee Rigby in London earlier this year, and said it was because the British Army was killing kids? Boko Haram kills 29 at school. "At least 29 pupils and a teacher have been killed in a pre-dawn attack by suspected Islamists on a school in northeastern Nigeria, reports say. Eyewitnesses said some of the victims were burned alive in the attack, in Mamudo town, Yobe state." This is hardly a new behaviour for Islamists. But it just occurred to me it might be news to some members.
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