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  1. This no longer works, and the code actually looks very different: Any idea of what needs to be done to make this work? I'm amazed that there are no regular mods for this available anywhere. Edit: Also, the whole thing refuses to compile even if I change nothing. What a trainwreck.
  2. Amazingly, this is still not fixed. The quest skips two steps when entering the cave, and there appears to be no way to trigger only the first step - the entering of the cave - without also triggering the quest state stating that you've dealt with Korgrak. Edit: The workaround is to set the globals "b_Rumbald_Ogre_Resolved" and "b_Rumbald_Ogre_Attacked" to "0", and then immediately upon entering the cave, teleport (via cheats/IEMod) to the trigger point of Korgrak's conversation, and then resolve it however you wish. Then when exiting the cave, you should get two updates; one saying
  3. Christ, this game is still in shambles in terms of bugs even today. Just ran into this. Not getting the final key from Uariki.
  4. I must say, I'm amazed that this is still not fixed. This has to be some kind of record low in bug-fixing. Edit: I managed to work around it in ~1 hour whereas Obsidian hasn't fixed this in 3 ****ing years. Save before entering the cave. Change the Global "b_Rumbald_Ogre_Attacked" from 1 to 0. Enter the cave, but do not move, instead, teleport into the Ogre Den using the Ctrl+J cheat key. This will circumnavigate the trigger at the start of the cave (which will move the quest state two steps as if you've already talked to Korgrak), and trigger the conversation with Korgrak. Talk to him,
  5. While the enthusiasm is cool, I feel it necessary to point out that PoE really isn't a crawler, but fair enough.
  6. Why would you, though? From an optimization standpoint, you should stick to Clothes or Heavy Armour. A clothed Monk can make a devastating damage-dealer.
  7. The point about the overworld is a good one, too - anyone that's been out late at night, away from the major cities or large green houses (seriously, those damn things), would know that night is really, really, really dark, unless there happens to be a full moon and clear skies. A torch or minor light source gives you considerably better vision, but in a very small radius, and as it blinds you, everything outside of it is likely to be pitch black. Meanwhile, you're made visible from miles away. I really hate how in many modern games, there's really no meaningful difference between night a
  8. Not entirely true. You shot once with the pistol, and then you used it as an off-hand, wielding it like a small but heavy reinforced club. Reloading a blackpowder anything isn't really feasible in chaotic skirmish combat.
  9. Honestly there could be 800 ways to trivialize that particular facet of gameplay, whether it be floating balls of light that you'd automagically recast after each rest, burning swords or glowing cloaks and I'd still love to see it.
  10. Personally, I'd love it, but I'd love all kinds of survival aspects, such as limited resting, the need to carry torches, and to eat and keep hydrated.
  11. Just to be clear here, in a legal sense, both of you are on extremely thin ice in regards to the highlighted sections. No, anything posted on a deviantart or drawcrowd account is not automatically up for use, not even if you credit the artist, and it has nothing to do with whether anyone is charging money or not - although doing so would most certainly make the whole thing way, way worse. Unless the artist explicitly gives permission through some disclaimer, or by marking it as licensed under Creative Commons, under most conditions in most areas, you have no legal right to use any part of
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