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  1. I wondered this same thing myself about wands being two=handed. It's quite awkward. Like someone else said, maybe it's compensating for the wizards lack of............... Who know's?
  2. I just wanted to say, that I am thoroughly enjoying PoE. It's amazing and refreshing that a challenging game like this has come around. I was playing Diablo 3 and found it to be really unchallenging and a button mashing event similar to WoW. This requires thought out tactics and I'm enjoying reading all of the lore and the voice acting is a fantastic touch. This game is a model of what a game like this should be. I realize some may not agree wtih me but I felt it was worth posting so the dev team sees that we WANT MORE like this. In fact, I hope you are not stopping after White March II released. I shelved the game when I found out it was coming out and have picked it up and started to play it again after buying the season pass. It's simply amazing , I love it. I hope, Obsidian, more xpacs are coming and or another PoE title. That would be awesome. Thanks.
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