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  1. ​Agreed. I think you hit on a key part of the problem: DF has been tailored for more casual players, and non-casual players coming from an "action" background where each combat stands alone. ​ And that is a much larger market than what you call the "tactical thinker" genre, so I understand why they'd move that direction. The unit of attention is now dramatically shorter, which really saps the fun out of the thing for people who like to manage a party over a longer time span than a fight at a time. ​ ​For me it also causes problems trying to "lose myself" in the game. I don't feel like i
  2. ​ ​You never had to do that in POE1. Camping supplies were found in excess: there was literally no need to keep running back. On PotD you could only carry two at a time, yet I didn't even pick up 80% of the ones I found since I simply couldn't carry any more. Heck, after the early levels, I hardly used the ones scattered around at all. ​​ ​There were issues with the POE1 resting system, but "having to run back" was not one of them. If you're going to rest-spam, that's on you, not on the game, and it was never a reason to abandon all aspects of long term management that made the game fee
  3. ​I've been finding most of the voice work in DF to be pretty good, regardless of accent. There are plenty of American ones, but some British and others, and for the most part I haven't minded any of them so far. ​ ​Eder's voice work is great. There's lightly sarcastic humor, but it's done "plainly", and it works pretty well. ​ ​
  4. ​I don't think anyone expects full access to all their abilities, but merely preserving the long-standing ability to select from the whole spell catalog. There is a whole dimension of RPG gameplay which gets obliterated by these changes, and for many of us it was an important aspect of RPGs. BTW, many other casting classes (clerics, druids, etc) also had dynamic access to their whole spell catalog, so it's not just wizards. ​ ​Traditionally, dynamic selection was a core aspect of casting classes, going clear back to P&P and for decades of CRPGs since, but was balanced against real rest
  5. So far (potd wizard): ​ + The game is gorgeous. Agreed with someone above: it's the prettiest RPG I've encountered. Craftmanship permeates all aspects of the world-building that I've seen so far. I'm only a little ways in, but it's just a nicely imagined world. I wager Obsidian is the premier CRPG studio when it comes to this. ​ ​+ The NPC voice acting has been pretty solid so far - even some of the one off minor parts. ​ ​+ Dialog (so far) is nicely tightened up compared to POE1, but is still well done. No huge lore dumps, but you still get a feel for the world. ​ ​+ The archipel
  6. ​ ​Maybe, but they sort of threw the baby out with the bathwater, and made the class not nearly as fun because of it. ​ ​I think they could have made grimoires more "special" to find just by having more spells that were only found on grimoires you found in interest places or on difficult opponents, but couldn't learn via the level-up mechanic. But let me learn them, so I can select the set of spells I find most appropriate for what I expect to encounter, and form my own dynamic strategies via synergies between the ones I pick. ​ ​
  7. To me, the narrator voice actor would be awesome voicing a companion (maybe she does?), but isn't ideal for the narrator part. I'm ok with a female narrator, but feel she should have an "old / wizened" kind of vibe to it, which isn't the timbre of the narrator lady. It needs a bit of age and gravel. The POE1 narrator was great; he'd also do.
  8. ​ ​ I've started with a potd wizard, and I'm really tempted to start over with a different class for that reason. ​ ​I do not have any complaints about the effectiveness of the wizard. It's doing fine. Merely the fun of the wizard. It's maddeningly stifling not being able to pick your own spell combinations, rather than be limited to the few you learn + what the grimoire has picked for you, minus any overlap. It's destroyed one of the primary enjoyments of the class, a tradition going all the way back to pen and paper. Long term thinking is gone too, due to the instant replenishi
  9. ​​ ​True, though personally I never had a problem with that, and actually enjoyed it. With 6 characters to control, I found it fine if 1 or 2 of them would do little or nothing in many situations, but be able of feats of powerful but bursty CC or damage when needed. There was plenty enough to do with the other characters, micro managing their more "constant output" abilities, and this aspect was a strong differentiator of classes. It seems like Obsidian wants to mash all classes into the same kind of mold now. ​ A key problem in POE1, I think, was that replenishing per-rest resource
  10. ​​ ​ ​Well, I don't think it's a good choice to orient a system around save-spam style gaming. Sure, some people will play that way, but I don't find it very fun myself, so I don't. And I disagree about replays. I played POE1 in a very resource constrained way on both my replays, even more than on my first run. I didn't remember the minutia of what I would encounter next, so there wasn't too much metagaming at work (a little is inevitable), but I got to play through whole areas without rest, which led to a lot of pretty fun situations where I had to dig deep to scrape by, using abilitie
  11. True, but thing is, POE1 could be easily played in the spirit of resource constraints by treating its soft constraints as hard ones. Then it is more strategic to think about how to handle an extended series of encounters, than just a single one, like a whole chess game is more strategic than just the opening few moves. The DF system doesn't really allow for that. It forces spells and health back after every fight, so it can't easily be played in a resource constrained style the way POE1 could by treating soft caps as hard ones. The unit of tactical consideration has simply shrunk and is
  12. + The artwork, the world building, the writing, it's astonishingly lovely. Pillars is a top tier RPG world, and I think Obsidian are masters of that craft, second to no other studio. Whoever is doing all that stuff... I'm a little bit in awe. - What others have said about caster problems, loss of long term resources, etc. E.g: Oh wow do I ever agree with LampStaple. I feel like that core aspect of the RPG experience is being eroded to appease the "action RPG" crowd. And as DexGames said: Those two posters (and others too) identified the root cause of some of the probl
  13. ​ ​While I wouldn't say it's "too complex" (complexity in games is a good thing, if done well), I agree fully with this: ​ What Dukeisaac said perfectly states what I've been feeling about DF too. There's not a shred of doubt in my mind that the DF world is going to be utterly awesome, awe inspiringly beautiful, and a delight to explore. However, I really felt POE 3.0 had a well polished and enjoyable combat system, and I wanted to explore the DF world with a derivation of that ... not in a system that threw out a lot of the core mechanics like the long term health pool, core aspe
  14. I admit I only read about 1/5 of all of that, and skimmed another 1/5, but generally I'm either in agreement, or at worst neutral on the anonymous person's feedback. Certainly agree with these bits: +1 to all the above. The narrator guy in POE1 was awesome. His voice was perfect for that roll, evoking a complex fantasy setting, and it made an excellent, polished first impression of the game. I don't like 6->5 - at all (I hope that gets revisited for POE3). Combining interaction stats is a great idea. Sneak areas display is a nice improvement. I don't like firearms in fant
  15. ​Thanks Cdiaz, but also note my update above: the latest beta fixed the problems with bad saves (and several others I saw), so I don't think there's any more need to waste someone's time to look at that one. It works now Editing to add: updated original post with that info. ​ There's still a minor issue with keybindings, though.
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