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  1. Guys from crate entertainment basically invented the system PoE uses. They introduced it in their first game - Titan Quest and then in their second game - Grim Dawn. They never called it multiclassing. They actually call it what it is - dual classing. http://www.grimdawn.com/guide/character/masteries.php
  2. Unfortunately POE2 is one of those games with this freezing issue. There are several other games out there and some users are suffering from this same problem. Developers tend to ignore it due to the fact that only a small number of users is experiencing this. There is also a blaming game going on between developers and Nvidia. Nvidia can tell you this is game related issue and develoepr must solve it. Developer can tell you this is something with your hardware or Nvidia drivers. My advice - make waves, report it to Nvidia here. https://surveys.nvidia.com/index.jsp?pi=6e7ea6bb4a02641f
  3. Have you tried updating your GPU drivees like the patient above? It's usually the first thing support tells you when **** like this happen. It can work sometimes. You can use DDU to uninstall your old drivers.
  4. So does it crash during character creation? Start a new game and check it out. Also after a crash check windows event viewer for any error messages. There could be an error message like this - display driver has stopped responding and has recovered. One known solution to game frezes is to downclock your GPU. If your GPU is overclocked, you can set it back to factory frequencies in Nvidia control panel. If it's not OCed, then this **** shouldn't be happening. You can still try to underclock it manually with MSI afterburner. Like 100 Mhz or something should do the trick.
  5. Does the game crash on character creation screen for you? It's not a solution but you can try the following if you haven't already. Create Pillars profile in Nvidia control panel. Set these options there - vsync off, triple buffering - off, thread optimization - on. Launch the game and set these graphic options - vsync off, ambient occlusion - off.
  6. They need to learn some lessons from this. I mean how could they not see ship combat will be bashed by everyone because of it being so bland and uningaging. Short, boring story, buggy game overall. I mean you release a game for PC with bugged mouse clicking? Cmon man. This game is not good and no wonder its sales are low.
  7. I've just head the exact same issue. I selected wild orlan, no head option. I went back, switched to amua. Head option appeared but clicking on it didnt do anything. So I clicked on x to close character creation screen and got a crash.
  8. Got a crash with an actual error message. It happened during a loading between a text based quest and combat. It was a R6025 pure virtual function call. Here's a description. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/125749/description-of-the-r6025-run-time-error-in-visual-c Cause This error occurs when your application indirectly calls a pure virtual member function in a context where a call to the function is not valid. In most cases, the compiler detects this and reports the error when building the application. But depending on how your code is written, sometimes the problem is d
  9. If you have Win10 update 1803 try doing this - set poe2.exe to run as administrator and check disable full screen optimization.
  10. I agree. It's unnecessary. I see it as a marketing trick first and foremost to attract more players and make that wow effect keeping up with DOS2. VO in DOS2 was like a BBC radio speaker reading fairy tale for kids.
  11. Its possible. Some ppl may not be really excited about their ship to ship combat feature and the second game overall. Moreover they went with crowdfounding again after the first part.
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