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  1. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or not. But yesterday when I was starting a new game with a full custom party, I noticed all the companions besides the Watcher are also getting a +2 bonus to their class skills. They do not get the attribute bonus, that only goes to the Watcher. Is this a bug, or is it working as intended?
  2. Guardian does not show up for me either. I can even walk right past him without any dialogue triggering whatsoever. When I move to the western part of the map the dialogue for an invisible, white circled guardian triggers, but it never enters the fight. It does spawn a small army of animats, but after that nothing anymore.
  3. Some spells can only be found in grimoires and not be taken on level up. This is what I use them for.
  4. Depends on where you enter the area. From the north? Near instant death. From the south? Controlable battle, even completely avoidable.
  5. That is Bioware fans in general it seems, and I am a Bioware fan myself. I always loved the flawed gem that is Dragon Age 2, because it deconstructed all the narrative and character cliches of BW since BG1. Of course, the raging butthurt over it led to the Mary Sue filled retcon extravaganza known as Dragon Age Inquisition. And I'm a Bioware fan who thinks DA:I is the best in the series. Where do we go from here? I also loved ME3 btw, including the ending which I found poetically beautiful, so I might just be weird
  6. I voted for POE2 mechanics, but let's be honest here: there is hardly a difference. Camping supplies were abundant in POE and battles were hardly ever really hard, so per rest abilities were in effect just per encounter abilities anyway.
  7. I replayed the BG games a while back and to be honest, already on the menu screen and when trying to create a character I realised that almost all of my fond memories of the game were 90% nostalgia.
  8. Resolution is already pretty much an automatic dump stat on pretty much every character I've ever made. Removing the defensive stats from it makes sure I will always dump it on everyone to the absolute minimum. Except on spellcaster, where'd I'd max it out and dump strength to the bare minimum. I don't think the proposed changed are any good.
  9. 1) recovery time. Dunno the exact math, but a higher number means longer waiting between attacks 2) yes 3) no 4) just quests for your companions at the stronghold to do. You pick one to do it and in x 'turns' he/she will be done, (a turn is a little weird.. every time you finish a quest, I think, a turn passes) 5) you have to do another quest first at the Vailian trading company. You can do the quest after you've had the oppertunity for Pallegina to join you. 6) I have no idea tbh.
  10. If you roll without a Priest you will notice having a low concentration from a low Resolve, especially on melee. Ranged guys can get by with a bad concentration but even then archers can interrupt you often and if a melee guy gets in your face being chain interrupted will be a real threat to your life. For me I try to keep everything at base 10. If I dump one stat I'll add it 1:1 to it's defensive paired stat to keep the defense balanced. For example if I go with a Rogue or Ranger with a 3 Intellect (pretty much the only classes I'd dump) I'll add to Resolve to make it a 17. I ag
  11. Hm. I tend to specialize characters for some events. I don't remember where exactly, but in WM2 there's some evens where you need 12+ mechanics, 12+ athletics, 6+ sneak 10+ survival. By specializing chars I can always get through these evens completely or relatively unscathed. For the same reason every character gets to 3 athletics by level 3 (to get into Raedrics hold from the top without getting fatigued), 4 by level 6 (to sneak into the Cliaban Rilag without a fight and without getting injured) and I get eveyone to 5 athletics at some point.. though I'm unsure this has much practical va
  12. Ever since they put accuracy on perception,resolve has been my auto dumpstat. As for the concentration: Holy Meditation mastery.
  13. I believe you need a particular attribute score or reputation for that to work. I save scummed ad nauseum to try every dialogue option and couldn't get it non-violently. It might be the case that you can get it from him before stealing the affidavit, I always forget to talk to him before picking it up. I don't think so, you just need to pick a specific one that, to me at least, didn't make much sense: EDIT: I always talk to penhelm first, so that's why I never noticed any reputation loss.
  14. You can get the armor without a fight, just talk. Forgot the exact dialogue options, but you first give him the affadivit. And Osric doesn't really care that you kill him anyway. You always get access to the shop, and I have a really hard time remembering there's any reputation loss involved whatsoever. To be honest, this topic confuses me.
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