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  1. That's actually a nice idea. Maybe split bonuses into half and full. Might +1 Fortitude Con +2 Fortitude Intelligence +1 Will Resolve +2 Will Dexterity +2 Reflex, +2 Deflection, +1 Accuracy Perception +1 Reflex, +1 Deflection, +2 Accuracy Arguably Dex and Per could both affect evasion and accuracy so why not split it. 15 Dex and 15 Per would total +15 Accuracy +15 Deflection which is pretty huge, so the other stats should have as big an impact on combat. E.g. high strength could be a requirement to be able to punch through medium/heavy armor in which case a high Dex/Per fine
  2. Ok. Ty for many good thoughts. I still believe that might is to strong and for roleplaying reasons resolve should be something for a wizard to focus on. Still I love the Pillars system. I think its better than DnD, but it isnt perfect. I particulary like the idea that attributes isnt as important as in DnD (f.ex. Baldurs Gate). Resolve should be for wizards and paladins and "mind-strong" characters. When it comes to "dump-stats": The system could punish dumping by giving 0,5 attributes per point removed under 8 or so... Just like "buying" high stats in some systems cost more (17-18
  3. I would like to se some minor changes in the attributes: Might: Take the "damage dealing for mages" out of might and in to resolution. This would improve the wizard with less attributes to focus on. Resolution: Take "+ to defence" out and into dexterity. This would improve dexterity. Result: Might -> strength (dnd-style). Strength/might would still be very strong. Dexterity: Stronger and more focused. Resolution: Just as strong, but more focused on some classes like wizard. I think this would improve the system lot. Cheers! )
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