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  1. No problem, I searched for it too, becausd I thought it was reaaaally heroic :D
  2. That's how every damn market in the whole damn world works. It doesn't even matter if youtubers are reviewers or not, because they are youtubers and they get views. A business would use that to their advantage and, especially in the case of Obsidian, it's not something to be disgruntled over. It's not about evil capitalism that steals from you (that would be EA or Ubisoft) - this is a small company that was in deep financial trouble before PoE got kickstarted. Man, I really don't get how some people can be so unappreciative. You're part of a movement that could potentially be the movement that
  3. Something entirely different: I noticed his version is in Polish, meaning the map and stuff. Now, I'm a backer from Switzerland. That doesn't mean I'm getting a german version of Poe? Because I really, really want the original stuff.
  4. I rather have game journalists reviewing games than giving them critique. Modern art (and its subequent critics) is so horrendously bland, pretentious and just generally **** to begin with, that you have swim through a sea of **** to find something not insulting to your senses. First of all I think you're wrongly generalizing modern art. Just try to be open and go to a modern art museum and just let it affect you. There are lots of ways of interpreting and appreciating art. Also, art criticism is not only "modern art" as in paintings and sculptures, it's also literary criticism. I
  5. But gamers do support sites by disabling ad-blockers and have taken it to archiving links of clickbait journalism. TB has become mainstream due to his ethical behavior that predated this whole debacle, because a lot of people were waking up to the fact that games journalism was corrupt. So I don't why is it a problem because they are doing something to support good journalism, but this will ultimately force media to adopt an ethical model that works for the Information Age. Another thing; "everybody is doing it" is not a good moral justification. If journalism in general is corrupt that do
  6. The main problem with the crowd that demands better journalism basically is that they ask games journalism to make a change that not even big media can. As long as games journalism is product-focussed there will always be a worrisome closeness between PR and journalists. The second problem is people demanding objective reporting AND art criticism at the same time (or at least they demand games to be taken as seriously as art) which is absolutely ridiculous. Art was and is always, or at least most of the time, extremely political (besides not considering politics is also politics, you cannot b
  7. Strongly disagree. Leaving aside the straight-up bugs, at the moment, the UI probably needs at least a dozen iterations before it's up to par with even BG2, and playtesting that properly takes time. I haven't even bothered reporting most of the UI issues aside form ones that are seriously bad (though others have made many good suggestions), because it feels like the UI design and implementation is in such an early stage that bug reporting would be meaningless - like pointing out to somebody painting that they've missed a bit when they've only just made the first stroke. Think about wha
  8. Basically, I absolutely like the game. It's not yet "love" because I only played for about 3 hours or so without much time. So, as others said, the content is, until now, spot on. Everything oozes Infinity Engine and it's as if Baldur's Gate never left. The game is expectedly dialogue-heavy with class writing, the quests I've done so far all had some fun twists and the environments and music and sound design are pretty awesome (apart from the fact that the music in Dyrford is a bit repetitive but I guess there's more music to come (?)). You absolutely get what you expected. It's the return of
  9. I played for about an hour now and everything is absolutely satisfying so far. The only thing I'm still on the fence is the combat, but that probably is because I couldn't really look deep into it and didn't take the time to read all the spell descriptions and so on, because I'm dead tired. Combat felt a bit chaotic and the fight in the tavern was really confusing because I couldn't really make out what was happening exactly. So apart from that I'm really, really glad how it's turning out. The art design is awesome (and I love that I already have a colorful late medieval breastplate and an
  10. Downloading now. I'm surprisingly calm at the moment :D
  11. Since I'm planning on playing some kind of musketteer I'm probably going for something Spanish/Italian, mimicking a Vailian name.
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