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  1. After comparing my experience of playing New Vegas (on PC, with a console to fix things) to my friend's experience of playing New Vegas (on a console, which meant no console - irony points ahoy), and from what I have heard about other games Obsidian have developed (almost always great, almost always buggy), I would be a little wary of playing an Obsidian game without access to the console.
  2. Out of curiosity, is the Portuguese language setting in most games etc South American Portuguese or Portuguese from actual Portugal?
  3. This should answer some of your questions, but unfortunately a lot of them just haven't been answered at this juncture. Much of what we `know` is vague, incomplete, and/or speculative, and I believe very little technical information about the formulas, hardcoding and such has been released. 1. The linked page contains links to three music samples. 2. Based on comments from Obsidian, max level reached might possibly be around 10-12 range, but this is highly speculative. I don't believe there are any forms of prestige classes or multiclassing as such, but there will probably be options for
  4. Personally, I actually prefer no voice acting to partial. I just find sudden switches between voiced and not voiced jarring, and I have a special, silent hatred for the often random and nonsensical greetings of Baldur's Gate (except for Minsc's ones). Thankfully, my strange idiosyncrasy isn't really a problem, thanks to the wonders of the mute button.
  5. Personally, I might think about heavily restricting all magic items (having most item improvements come from superior craftsmanship and/or materials)... but then have all magic items be awesome. The concept of a `weak enchanted item` is a rather silly one, and one that occurs only in games.
  6. Thanks very much for the responses. While it looks like I'd be better of not forking out however much money I'd need for the beta, it still looks like the final game is going to shape up very well
  7. As one of those poor souls lacking the wealth to fork out £110 to get to backer beta tier, I'd be interested to know how much those who do have it are enjoying it, and why.
  8. I actually forgot November didn't have a 31st. So I'll go 30th.
  9. Oooh, shiny. But wouldn't crossbow fit better in the peasant weapon group rather than the knight one? It wasn't exactly an elite weapon.
  10. To be fair, if such spells exist, it's not unreasonable to suggest that enemies might be aware of them. If they know about magic, then (after seeing their friend suddenly turn on them after the bloke in the dress waved his hands at him) they might well think `Oh crap, they mind-controlled Jimmy!` before `Oh crap, Jimmy's a traitor!`.
  11. Perhaps it's not a cow, but... That's No Moon.
  12. No Grenade-Tomes? That's it, PoE is officially RUINED FOREVER.
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