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  1. Hmm a good RPG is just Good. Some modern RPGs dont have a Free World - I dont Play them like what happened from Witcher 1 to Witcher 2 and Gothic 1-3 to Risen Some RPGs dont have Sound and exciting Gameplay - So.. same thing Good Games have Deep Gameplay, a Free World AND.. Good Gameplay. because of that they are Good And I hoped that crowdfunding will do that, but err.... Not really what happened to it all.
  2. Yeah, a Game withoud Sound, like Baldurs Gate 20 Years before.... Some Games have it that way, and i deinstalled them 5 Times,, only installed them because anybody said they were epic... Which i think they are not. Ok.... Good RPGs will come back somtime.. Im sure I just have to wait once more
  3. Hello! I've had the opportunity to play the Backer Beta of Pillars of Eternity from a Friend and i've noticed that there is no Voice Acting for Dialogues and everything else. My Question is: Will you add that, later or will the Game be released without? That would we some kind of "no-go" for lots of Players, i think in modern Times. Just reading and klicking around with a Party, its not such a good Experience without voice & common Localisation.
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