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  1. The magic is in not-the-person in almost any magic system ever. All the person ever does is channel/shape it. Who cares if your body holds the magic while you shape it, or anything at all that isn't your body does so? You're still the one doing the spell-weaving. Specifically in PoE, it's not as if there're just fully-formed spells in any given tome, and anyone who isn't a Wizard can just pull a pin on the tome, hurl it at someone, and watch it magic-grenade everyone to death. It's just how I feel really.
  2. Replacing the book with something else is just switching the problem around for me. Any sort of "the magic is in the X" object gives me a lame feeling when applied to most magic-using characters I think up.
  3. yeah, how dare someone have a different idea on how a fantasy element should play compared to your ancient-and-therefore-perfect, enlighted opinion.
  4. None of what you're all saying is really changing my outlook on tomes and wizards being cool. I think the thread has run its course. I'm most likely going to go with a paladin the first time around, or a whip-wielding sado-masochistic anti-villain/villain-to-be-redeemed if there are whips.
  5. Doesn't this seem contradictory, or am I reading with ironic glasses, again. Oh, sorry. Sloppy grammar there. I meant I was disappointed that wizards worked with grimoirs and vancian D&D casting because it seemed contradictory to the root of magic coming from the soul, a more poetic/intuitive sorceror-like theme.
  6. Very few actually, which is why I'm always eager to find more. Skyrim has been the best I've played so far, Morrowind too especially with Bloodmoon.
  7. Not sure why several people are all like, "must be because OP likes X/Y/Z thing".
  8. If you don't want to learn your spells from nerdy books, they automatically end up mindy, don't you think? Where else should your spells and your knowledge of them come from? Unless you are happy to play a druid or priestess as a wizard. I meant mind-y like they affect the opponants mind, not stuff like cone of cold.
  9. Paladin, as my display picture would indicate. Yeah, I'm a nerd, but I'm also not an elf or dwarf or Godlike or good at swordplay. They're called role-playing games for a reason.
  10. I think I know how you feel...I love dungeons and dragons, I like miniatures and terrain for epic pen and paper battles, and sometimes I pretend to be a female in my RPGs even though I am male....but I'm not a nerd or anything Er.. I meant that I see wizards as some nerd with a book, that the book is where the power is and I couldn't care less about the chump holding it. And since I can't play as the book I don't want to be the chump wizard.
  11. Ciphers seem like psionics to me, mostly mindy powers, not the stuff you find on the standard wizard spell list.
  12. I don't understand honestly. There's already 4 different casting classes with different mechanics and you want them to spend more time and money to shoehorn in a 5th that plays essentially just like one of the ones we already have..only...not with a book? This is just how the lore of this world has been written and how the classes within it operate. Just saying it's disappointing to me, having no way to Ice Sorceress like I like. Like ice cream without the hundreds and thousands (of petty mortals crushed under my heel).
  13. I mentioned soul power in the OP, but the point is, for the wizard class it isn't the wizard's soul that's the fuel for the power and there's no class that uses the wizard spell list that does feature fluff like the Sorceror class in D&D with souls fit in.
  14. It's the wizard spell list that typically has the ice magicks, although I think in this case the druid has a small amount of ice stuff but the class is also attached to mother nature, transforming, and all that milarky. Not what I going for in the Ice Sorceress aesthetic, but perhaps the dim shadow is the closest I'm going to get. A sword, in and of itself, is very mundane. Its strength is in the one who whields it. A magic tome is not mundane, being magic, and that makes it eclipse the nerd who's holding it in my mind. Just an odd matter of perception. oh wow it's like you've know
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