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  1. I'm concerned about the scale as well. But is this something they can adjust "fairly easily"--rather, is this something they would be WILLING to adjust? I sincerely hope that they do not release this game until it is in full working, satisfactory order. Heck, I'd wait a whole year more if it meant the game was top notch. They might have been a bit too ambitious and yeah, I get they might be a little frightened of having to admit that to their hungry fans, but let's be honest, who wants a game that's not top-notch just because they "really really want to play." Everyone will just end up disapp
  2. Dude, who did that? I just cheat-coded in my stats and/or cheat coded in the books that made your stats go up: until I MADE my Yahtzee.
  3. And the reason that the Devil of Caroc is male is? Don't get me wrong, but you make a lot of assumptions He better be male. He sounds dashing.
  4. I would love a glorious soundtrack as well, but I don't know if this is one of their top concerns. I would sure like to hear some official response to this, however. Kinda just laying out where the soundtrack is headed and what we can expect compared to say, Baldur's Gate.
  5. Ahhh! I didn't know PoE was gonig to be there! Man, I'm just not following the news like I use to... @_@
  6. I love this. SO enhances the game. I added a mod to IWD2 to add better characters for your group and one of them didn't like what I did with a quest and took the potion I had to deliver or whatever and threw it on the ground and told me we would not be doing the quest. Absolutely AWESOME. As a result, I found IWD2 x10000 cooler, I started to take my decisions more thoughtfully, etc... Definitely a MUST. Anyone who says otherwise isn't thinking outside the box. So much opens up when your NPCs actually start acting according to their personality.
  7. I surprised how some people strutted in to announce that the idea of putting cheats in the game is perposterous on moral grounds. Wha'???? As Coincidence said, it's a single player game. I love cheating in BG. I've never cheated in any other console game, but in BG, there were plenty of times I cheated to enhance fun. Once I cheat coded in a belt of sex change, put my character in multiplayer mode, and dropped it in a friend's inventory. So he put it on unknowingly and hilarious times ensued. I just wanted to bring it up to the developers as a strongly desired enchanced edition to
  8. Yes, cheatcodes. I feel like these are one of the ways to enhance the game for the better. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the amazing and hilarious cheatcodes the Baldur's Gate series offered-- which added endless entertainment. Aside from the typical cheat coding gold, potions, weapons, armor, etc... I'm talking about the cheatcodes that you and your friends still laugh about. Like the beserk chickens cheat code. Who didn't, upon discovering this awesome cheat code, cheat in an army of beserk chickens and then go on a rampage? Or the cow spell cheat code? Who didn't, upon disc
  9. I just had a thought that I'd like to share and hopefully, the game designers will think about it. I know everyone loved Baldur's Gate II/Throne of Bhaal character interaction-- it enveloped the player into the game and was one of primary reasons we play it over and over... and then over again. Because of that, I really hope that Project Eternity really maximizes the number of character options for the party. Having only 5-- even in a well written game-- leaves much to be desired. You can play the game over and over but if you only have the same 5 characters what happens in that regard (an
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