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  1. Hi, second post (first one, about spell complexity is here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67812-are-spells-complex-enough/). So...soundtrack! This makes a whole lot of difference! In my opinion Baldur's Gate 2 had -hats off - the best original soundtrack actually created for a PC game (check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS32GlvalTY, except of course Valve's incredible -and unexpected -, given the pc gaming dark age we're living in, made of $$$ hungry publishers and targeted advertising, Turret Opera, placed at Portal 2 end: ). As of now I've heard pretty mediocre soundtracks in Pillars of Eternity. This is not acceptable. If the game designers actually hope that this game becomes the next cornerstone in old-style rpg they can't fall short on music. Baldur's Gate 2 sound track was epic. No doubt about it. After 10 years of playthorugh...fights, dialogues, betrays, different story paths....the soundtrack, that still strucks my mind today, with all it's unequivocal beauty. I want something -at least- comparable to that. I'm sure you guys want the same... ...so... please do something about it!
  2. Hi everybody. I'm not a backer, but yesterday I had the chance to play the game for a while at my friend's home (who has access to the beta). Apart from a very favorable general impression which I had, one thing struck my attention: shouldn't spells be more complex? I mean, I've played BG2 for a decade, and thinking about spells I'm used to something like this: http://www.caltrops.com/images/BG2-Breach-big.jpg, instead I end up with something like this: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Minor_Grimoire_Imprint (I took one random spell from each game, but it's the same for any other spell) Considering my play time with BG, I'm positive that a complex spell system really adds to the game depth and benefits replayability. Greatly. When you use most of the spells in BG you have to think through a set of different exceptions, or situations where a non-intuitive behavior is desired for the party in order to overcome certain specific challanges. A lot of this is dictated by the inherent complexity of the spell system. For example, in a though battle with my kensai mage, I may decide to combine haste with tenser transformation in order to gain substantial melee damage for a period of time, but in the meanwhile I know I won't be able to fire any spell thus exposing myself to an array of possible problems. Of course you may say that the same is true for Pillars of Eternity. Well, yes. But to a different extent. That said, since I still don't have a firm grasp on the game mechanics, maybe this kind of approach doesn't really fit if you consider the whole mechanics of the game? If so, why? Or, considering that coding such a complex spell system which should still be fun, intriguing and balanced is no easy task, maybe they plan to introduce more spell complexity in the future when they'll have more established game mechanics to rely on?
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