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  1. It would have been simpler to just skip to the Pathfinder sections because it doesn't at all look like a survey, it looks like an announcement that Obsidian is making a pathfinder game and is trying to justify it to someone internally.
  2. I'd assume this would be near impossible to do if the only reason Paradox signed on in the first place was to be able to foot the bill for rewards. Rewards are not diverted funds for the game, it's profits. The assumption is the game will be funded before rewards ; that's the whole point. They basically said they would prefer to keep the money for themselves than spend the money on better physical rewards. The map is one area they basically said "do whatever is cheapest that will fulfill our contract obligation from the kicksarter". Which appears to be someone's kid with an inkjet printer, a pair of scissors, and a weekend to kill.
  3. You can't seriously call this a "cloth" map ... it's starch-sprayed knit fibers that are thinner than a piece of stock office paper. Cloth. LOL
  4. Yeah i get that it's not a priority now. I think I've said my piece.
  5. Sorry, brother. It was a plumb dandy, though! Pulled Homemade Chicken Salad on Oat with sprouts, cucumber, tomato, bacon, cheddar and light honey mustard. Toasted. A finer sandwich you could not ask for in all the Valley! As for the map... you know a friend of mine put it in really good context today. It's like being told you're going to get an annual bonus at work, but it ends up being a coupon to the company store. You just don't feel appreciated and you can have a reaction like "nothing would be better than this" because at least then you wouldn't know they were just trying to placate you with something that cost them absolutely as little as possible.
  6. Is anyone else starting to get a little miffed that nobody at Obsidian will man up and at least acknowledge this? I'm guessing they feel it is a total non issue. They fulfilled their contractual obligations and our opinions are subjective. Why not find the balls to come in here and just tell us to eat it, then? ... i need a sandwich. EDIT; Typo
  7. Sigh. That wasn't his question. He wasn't asking "How do i know that I'm being detected?" ... i mean, that's incredibly obvious when playing, he's not retarded. what he's asking is "Why am I being detected?" , there really nothing in the game that informs what causes detection and what aids it. No indication of how "covered" you are, it's just this somewhat arbitrary slider of "being detected" and "detected!" I've snuck up behind people in fields in the middle of the day and had better sneak success than in a dark dungeon, both against humans, both from behind. I will support his point that there is really very little in the environment that you can count on to help or hinder your detection ability other than whether or not someone is facing in your direction , which isn't much.
  8. I know at least some items are static, but are there any random loot tables, or is everything pre-set in terms of what drops? I'm sure this is covered somewhere, but the search feature here sucks because you can't search more than once without the stupid flood blocker kicking in. Thanks, Obama.
  9. I'm getting my t-shirt silkscreened on the other side: "I paid a thousand bucks and all i got was this lousy t-shirt, a terrible map, a signed box, some outdated literature and one of the best RPGs of all time"
  10. No. The map is so thin and flimsy i doubt it would survive a day hike. It's actually thinner than stock paper. Still bummed about this. As for the rest, the hardcover book as I mentioned is decent, but outdated. The mousepad is a bulk neoprene absokutely-nothing-special mousepad with the cover art on it. It's not washed out like the map at least, but pretty much a throwaway mousepad I will never use. The iron on badges are fine. The pamphlets are fine, also outdated compared to the digital kit. Overall the digital media is far more impressive in scope, coverage and detail. As far as the box contents, it's all for show as far as I'm concerned. Something to put on your bookcase and talk about when you have gamer friends over. It's a good thing the game itself is turning out to be fan-****ing-tastic, which helps me to look past the cheap ass merch, but i am still truly disappointed with the map. I wish they would step up and replace them, even for a fee (you cheap bastards, lol jk) .. They have to know and acknowledge they are total crap.
  11. wow it sounds like there is some kind of censorship is going on? can someone elaborate on that for me? Thanks guys! haha okay
  12. This entire thread is hysteria. Whoever started it, that was a beautiful troll. well played
  13. Yeah i love the box, too, with all the signatures.... just, uh, well... you'll see when you open it. <sadface>
  14. ugh. You're the worst kind of fanboy. I hope you're young enough to justify it.
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