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  1. Yeah i love the box, too, with all the signatures.... just, uh, well... you'll see when you open it. <sadface> Yeah, that map was.. arrrrgh. Ahwell. FELT okay, but I see what people meant regarding the way colors and stuff were not rich.
  2. Haha, that's fair. XD I'm actually cleaning the sheets today. Today's laundry. >>;
  3. I got my physical collectors, as did many others but.. http://i.imgur.com/5g1SnFM.jpg That doodle. XD I love it. Thank you, Obsidian, thank you, Chris Avellone. Might have been chance to get this one, but it's a little thing that makes one feel /really/ appreciated.
  4. I almost freaked out when I didn't see some of my kickstarter element stuff not showing for my original 250 pledge. Looking around, found it. X)
  5. Dropping in a word as well, my own title should be as: Technomancer of the Obsidian Order Cheers folks.
  6. Actually I may be full on derping on the title acquisition. I may not qualify? >_>?
  7. Hrm. Trying to decide what I want as a title for going up $8 more. (I'm already at the $140 mark!)
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