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Found 4 results

  1. I had an idea while answering a discussion, but I liked it so much that I decided to make a post about it. Basically the community noticed that the injuries can be greatly debilitating, like a Gaping Wound, and are perceived as overly-punishing. So, I thought about a couple of ways to improve that aspect. I would overhaul the troublesome or harsh aspects of the injury system by sorting the gravity of the injuries according the number of wounds already obtained (in a progressive way). Another way to do it could be to determine gravity of wounds according the negative health value reached upon receiving a killing blow (overkill mechanic). An example: Progressive Injury System 1st Injury- Minor wound (low debilitation, can heal in time) 2nd Injury- Medium wound (medium debilitation, 50% chance to self heal in time OR heals in long time) 3rd Injury- Mortal wound (high debilitation, won't heal unless treated) 4th Injury- Death (definitive debilitation, won't heal unless reloading a prior save, haha) OR: Overkill Injury System Calculate "overkill value" (the damage below 0 health points) and set gravity of the injury received accordingly. The following numerical values are provided to give an example. PC at 50 HP, receives 50 damage, gain Minor wound (low debilitation, can heal in time) PC at 50 HP, receives 100 damage, gain Medium wound (medium debilitation, 50% chance to self heal in time OR heals in long time) PC at 50 HP, receives 150 damage, gain Mortal wound (high debilitation, won't heal unless treated) The reason I am suggesting such methods is simple: In the Progressive example, the aim is to forgive little mistakes and not push the player to rest after each battle "gone slightly wrong", while increasingly punish a careless player or a player that is facing many powerful enemies in succession, and therefore is probably in an area where he/ she shouldn't be at that given level. The Overkill example follows the same rules, since if an enemy manages to overkill a character with a big margin, and therefore causing a highly debilitating injury, it probably means that the player is in an area with higher level requirement than the one currently possessed by the party, or using Mages and Rogues as tanks without investing in resistances. Both are seemingly realistic, balanced and immersive.
  2. It appears to be survey season. First off, thank you guys very much for helping us out with the survey that was sent out with the last backer update. Secondly, one of our partners is running a survey, and they would also love your feedback. This isn’t affiliated with Pillars of Eternity but helps them learn more about what kind of games you’d like to see. If you would like to participate in this survey as well, you can find it here: (Survey Link) - Sking [Edit] This is a long one. Make sure you have at least 15 minutes before you start. [Edit] Resolved an issue with the first survey link. Feel free to take it again. The link in this post has been updated to be the correct one. Also a new post (Forum Link).
  3. All this argumentation about silly things like boning your companions, vancian vs mana etc has overlooked the one essential factor that will make or break this game: moustaches! We all know moustaches make things manly, and so I propose we make Obsidian put moustaches on everything: men, women, children, dogs, cats, donkeys, even trees! All resources should be directed to this effort! Whose with me?
  4. Well, i can only see advantages on this, for gamers and for the Obsidian team. 1- The user imput We all now that one of the major problems with obsidian games are the horrible bugs their games have (its true, sorry mates haha). Same with some mecanics that are not fully tested because of either lack of time or the tester team wasn't really good (i heard somewhere that it wasn't obsidian who did the testing for KOTOR, not sure if true). If all the backers have access to the beta i believe the game we bough could be so much better... 2- Much more early access to the game = more backers Many people don't like to give 100 euros for a game and have to wait 2 years to play it. Ok, we love you guys and we trust you but if we got early access we would be much more happy! It would be also a appealing thing to new backers who are insecure either to buy the game or not. If they have to pay 140 just to see if they really want it, i doubt any sane person would do it. Now 20$... That's much more easy. I'm sure there are many more advantages other people would like to suggest, right guys? haha now, the cons... I can only see history spoiler as a con. But, we don't have to play the beta, its a player choice, so it isn't really a con.
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