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Loving it so far

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I'm sure the dev team have many things planned to be implemented. Here are some items/objects/mechanics I would love to be added. In no specific order. 


Different tier craftable backpacks

Movable objects that already has been placed

Throwable lit torches

Ability to eat out of a storage container

Workbench storage

Customizable characters (adults, beards );)

Craftable carts or wagons to carry grass/weeds



Grappling hook

Dodge or sidestep ability


Craftable dyes

Collectible paint

Ability to actually use furniture

The building blueprints are way too bright at night. they are very distracting especially when spiders are around and you can't see them coming. 


Just some thoughts I have come across while playing. I'm sure I'll add more in the future. I would like to thank the dev team and whoever made this game possible. I have waited for something like this since I was a child. I wish you all well! This game needs a bright future.





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