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  1. That must hurt, you will play the game like a day after release xD
  2. So, ppl is angry because they dont have a key that is useless right now, i mean, yeah sure, you can install the game with that now, but you can't play until 26, so why all this rage? People is insane...
  3. I think i will be using the same i used for BG, i will cut the dwarf from here I ****ing love this picture
  4. PS:T i think it has an awesome opening, come on, you are waking up from death, you don't know who the hell you are, and a floating skull talks to you, also the mortuary has a brilliant dark atmosphere. But now, Fallout 2, yes, the intro is VERY ****y, the worst of all IE like games.
  5. Well, i will have to see it when they uploaded, when i went to sleep here were 2 am, and my gf was pissed off xD. After seeing Adam for 3 days she hates him so much.
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