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  1. Hey, just replayed the game to get ready for the sequel. I managed to get pretty much every ending I wanted, except for Kana. For some reason, I got the isolationist ending where he's all depressed, even though I did his quest and picked options to support him(you were right about the thing in Ixamitl, Gabrannos was only one man). The wiki says you only get the isolationist ending if you DON'T support him. Even my quest log says "I have tried to encourage him - whatever answers either of us are going to find, it seems they still lie ahead of us", yet I got this ending. I also repeated the ending and took him with me to Sun in Shadow this time, yet the conversation there didn't change his ending at all. Is this a bug? I remember picking these options when the game was released, and I got a much happier ending for him and Rauatai.
  2. It seriously is your fault for getting bad endings, so yeah, your choices did matter and it ended up biting you in the ass. If all the choices ended up with good results, where would the impact of your decisions come from? No matter what you would choose, everything would end up all peachy. There wouldn't be any conflict whatsoever - you'd just know "doesn't matter, everyone survives, nobody dies, happiness and flowers for everybody". And the game doesn't even make all of the "evil" decisions have bad endings, because one of the endings for the Doemenels is probably the best ending Defiance Bay can get.
  3. When you pray and do their quest, they ask you to promise to deal with the souls in a specific manner. If you make that promise and break it by dealing with the souls in a different manner, they get angry and you get a specific ending. The gods don't really have regular souls like "mortals" do, they're more like giant blobs of souls put together, so the wheel probably doesn't affect them the same way. Eothas' soul blob was completely destroyed, so there's nothing left of him to enter the wheel, even if it worked the same for the gods.
  4. Along with the spells mentioned before, I'd add Ray of Fire and Bitter Mooring to the list. If you have good positioning, these two add a lot of extra damage output - they last 10 seconds and do multiple hits against multiple targets over the duration, and you can cast other spells while they're on.
  5. Wizard tanks work pretty well, do try one before smack talking them. As for constitution, it needs an increase to the percentage and probably something else that it modifies. Right now the effect is too minimal.
  6. You can't pray to Eothas, since he's dead. Like 100% dead - there's nothing left of him. His priests still get powers through their belief, as all priests do - they aren't actually getting their powers from the gods. There are two early endings, one for killing Lady Webb and one for jumping into the pit without any favor from a god. Other than that each god has a specific ending for betraying your promise to them.
  7. Are people not reading the text or what? The quest givers make it obvious that you can't side with the others afterwards. It's extremely blatant. I can't wait for someone to whine about siding with the Doemenel, doing the aggressive route on the second quest and not being able to join the other factions. "i assassinated a crucible leader, now i cant join them??? wtf???"
  8. A remake of Lionheart. What people have truly wanted all these years, is to experience Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader with modern graphics. Nothing else would be changed, just the graphics. This would be the most succesful kickstarter of all time. After that, they can probably afford one of the most respected IPs in the industry - Bubsy! Bubsy RPG. Super Mario RPG couldn't compete.
  9. Lemme voice act I'm a great voice actor, well my LARP group thinks so anyway I have no pop filter, a cheapo 10$ mic, I make constant heavy breaths due to breathing problems, and I studied Steve Blum's technique. I'm sure I can act at least 10 characters in this game. What can go wrong?
  10. Gamergaters think that being blocked on twitter for stalking and harassing people is censorship. They actually think that. I hope you can figure out whether you want anything to do with these people or not.
  11. Chose Berath, since it seemed the least risky option. The endings are interesting in that they have the bad side of the gods abusing that moment to gain more followers, by manipulating people into thinking that they did all of these miracles. So yeah, Hylea is in no way a "good" option. She doesn't really care, and she's pretty...insane if you get the ending where you break your promise to her. None of the endings are that beneficial in the long run for Eora. Though I guess that Wael's ending might be the best if you want no god to gain any actual power or influence - Wael just gains a new mystery, but the wording of the ending doesn't really imply that Wael gains new followers. Unless Wael somehow gains power from people speculating.
  12. Skaen popping up at the end and asking you to help Woedica came as a surprise to me, since I thought he hates her. Is he helping her because he is, well, "coded" to be a minion of Woedica's? Because he, like all the gods, is just a concept or ideal brought to life, and his basis just happens to be quiet rebellion and resentment - and if he has no boss, he has nobody to rebel against? Because if that is the case, he really is the most pathetic of the gods. And I mean that in a "good" way.
  13. There should be a bone degradation system for using bows and crossbows, all for the sake of realism. It wouldn't be fun in the least, but the middle ages weren't either. Also you should be able to contact the plague from hanging around the catacombs too long, and it would be untreatable and you would die, but you would get a special ending reel about the futility of life. Also your party should be forced to eat, poop and piss, and if you eat too much your character would get a stomache that reduces their dexterity and constitution. Also you would cause a hazard aoe around you for corrode damage, due to your flatulence, at timed intervals.
  14. Charm+confusion+domination could use a bit of a rework, since even if your enemy gets a terrible roll the effect will probably still graze you and even at half the duration, it's annoying. And that's the thing about the effects, they're just damn annoying and don't really add much difficulty to the battles they're in. Only time I found it difficult was when I was fighting a ton of those shrooms and everybody was confused.
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