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  1. The Coles own the world that Quest for Glory takes place in, including the characters therein. They just can't make a Quest for Glory game itself because they don't own the IP.
  2. If you like how the games are at present then you will probably continue to like Pillars 2. If however you want the quality of those games to improve then I would suggest waiting for management reform at Obsidian before buying another. The issues Obsidian have with their products have been consistently the same since their founding which I consider to be buggy releases and over-promising and under delivering. I would expect this pattern to continue until management reform occurs.
  3. Nice strawman you've got there. It would be a shame if no-one bought into it.
  4. Very true. I think for Obsidian fans they are concerned that the RPGs they enjoy from Obsidian will stop being made but that is no longer a concern. There are plenty of developers making CRPGs and other types of RPGs now. You don't need to be stuck with Obsidian anymore. Ultimately Obsidian will develop the type of games they want to develop but this is not the NWN2 era anymore. We have choices now.
  5. I never regard streamlining well, as its commonly done by developers. Bethesda take a tree and then lop off all the branches that make it interesting in the name of simplicity. In Fallout 4 the available builds you can develop is 1 due to the fact that every character can max out on everything. Similarly you can belong to every faction in Skyrim and lead them all with no consequences. Its simpler for the developer but leads to samey playthroughs and the lack of consequences for belonging to a faction renders the whole world meaningless. Pillars 1 is a case of needing more streamlining beca
  6. 1.5 million for Divinity: Original Sin according to Steamspy while the sequel will inevitably pass that number in quicker time if it hasn't already. Yes but Tyranny failed to sell well and Shadowrun has shown that this audience is not just nostalgia-driven but also fleeting.Josh is right that RPGs need innovation, I just think that window of opportunity passed us by about a decade ago. Tyranny as a game was under-developed in terms of content. At least for me. Combat wise enemy variety was severely lacking. It did introduce some cool innovations through like lore links and the magic sys
  7. 1.5 million for Divinity: Original Sin according to Steamspy while the sequel will inevitably pass that number in quicker time if it hasn't already. The audience for isometric games is only growing. All thanks should be given to Jake Soloman for the influence of XCOM 2012. You can see that with many new games emerging that are 'inspired by' these sorts of games like Phoenix Point and Phantom Doctrine. The audience is definitely there for a good game.
  8. Sail health due to hurricane damage I presume. Looks like random sea borne events will have noticeable effects on our ship and will probably slow our sailing speed considerably. I therefore infer that sailing too and from places in a timely matter will be important.
  9. That would be useful. It might also be helpful if each social media platform contained a readily visible link to the main information center should they wish to learn more.
  10. Get rid of the like button. Better for people to have to talk to each other and explain what they like and dislike without the distraction of e-peen.
  11. I would like the option to just have the first voiced line heard so I can focus on reading the rest.
  12. I'm not fond of the sailing ship piece on the map. It just looks boring to me. It would be better if it looked like Sid Meiers Pirates somewhat. I wouldn't have it at this angle but I hope you get the idea regardless. I want to see my ship move through the water and have island features come into focus as I get nearer.
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful posts Ninjamestari! I didn't think anyone would be brave enough to broach the subjects you have brought up on the Obsidian forums. And you are right that political philosophy influences people subtly in ways we don't even think about. Some posters have harangued you and tried to police what you can talk about which reinforces what I have been thinking about fan communities. I have not posted regularly here in quite some time and would routinely avoid speaking my mind. It is so hard to endure people who cannot communicate ideas effectively and don't even try to gra
  14. I wish I still cared I hope the feature gets in for those that do.
  15. To improve combat and readability of combat Obsidian should bring back rounds. Too late for this game; but hopefully for poe 2.
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