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  1. Yep the Eder stuff is a known bug. There is a workaround for this if you'd like to correct his history but you have to start at the beginning and it modifies your files. Haven't had the Kraken bug.
  2. Yeah I fixed this issue with the workaround and still got the "Who are you?". That line seems just playful, I guess.
  3. I found a workaround here, but modify the game files at your own risk: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8i073n/eder_import_not_working_correctly_spoilers_from/dyol90z/ I playing from the beginning and this has made Eder godless once more. Hopefully it's a safe workaround.
  4. Hi, I previously had experienced the bug that respawns the angry crowd in Caed Nua after completing the Caed Nua defense questline. (I believe triggered by manually defending a stronghold attack). The beta patch has thankfully removed the crowd, but the audio of the angry crowd is still there. Pretty minor bug, but hey, thought I should note it. Thanks for all the great work!
  5. Hi, I'm intermittently experiencing the issue described here http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/82834-start-of-verbal-dialog-is-sometimes-missing/?hl=voice except I am deep into the game, currently doing White March 2 content. I first noticed it during Zahua's dream sequence when all of Zahua's voiced dialogue (but not the other NPCs in that area) would have the beginning of the audio cut off. It fixed itself upon a restart but it still happens occasionally with random NPC and companions.
  6. This is happening to me intermittently on the 3.02 Beta patch. I remember all of Zahua's dialogue was like this during his dream sequence but it seemed to go away after I restarted the game.
  7. I second the question- Will this fix be retroactive? That is, will the crowd go away in 3.02 if it was already bugged and there? I'd lose some progress if I had to go back but I'm scared to continue on.
  8. I think they're all really well written. Reminds me of the sensate stones in Planescape.
  9. I've actually just about finished the game, no troubles at all I'm referring to the fact that there's no quick way to see cast time (Slow/Averege/Fast) and changing that would improve the gameplay flow.
  10. My idea is that the spells should be ordered in terms of quickness, or at least list the quickness when hovering over it with your mouse. There are many scenarios in the gameplay where you think, "Okay, what can I cast right freaking now?" and currently answering that question involves laboriously right clicking on each spell learned or memorizing every one. Making this information more readily available can improve gameplay flow by reducing these stoppages and lead to more combat strategizing with party members syncing up their attacks. Anyway, love the game! Very excited to see what you guys are cooking up
  11. For my order through the Paradox store it said it would send me an email, I think on release day with the key. Hopefully gives it a little time to pre-load.
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