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  1. Yeah I was trying to be mr fukin cool guy and give them my money directly and now I'm wondering if I will even be able to pre-load. Lesson learnt... always pay steam not some ghetto operation.
  2. Hey guys I pre-ordered from Paradox store... did anyone else do this? Have not received steam pre-load key yet... if you did this did you receive yours??
  3. I wish you guys would stop using PoE as an acronym!! It confuses me with Path of Exile and they've had stake on it for three (?) years!!
  4. God that guy is annoying. It's pronounced arc-ee-pel-aah-goe too... how hard is it to speak the damn language. Dude can't focus for more than twenty seconds to discuss what he is covering... hard to watch that ritalin chuggin idiot. Also the video contains minor spoilers in relation to game-length. Avoid if you want to... guy sucks.
  5. Thank you. I actually think I will stop reading/watching stuff as of nowish.... things seem to be escalating quite quickly and I'm sure some of the rest of you are feeling it... a lot more forum activity, press passes going out, etc etc.... the spoiler potential is elevating quite quickly... to use the stupid terror meter as comparison... I'd say it's at orange right about now,... will probably hit red tomorrow. I lurked on these forums forever... will miss guys like you and others creating interesting chat points... but I think it may be time to shut down my browsin.. ORANGE ALERT!!!!!!
  6. AVOID FORUMS AT ALL COSTS.. All it takes is a bolded underline forum subject from a troll in order to spoil the game for you... like JOFFREY DIES IN SEASON THREE or something.. I know the forums are fun.. but avoid them at all costs until you're at the very least done one playthrough!! It's easy for trolls to spoil game. Three years of waiting ruined by spoiler..
  7. It's always amazed me how video game fans are some of the biggest aholes on earth.
  8. I tried playing a NWN campaign with a friend and it was just annoying.. Prefer single player where I have total control over ****.
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