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  1. poodoo, I don't see it archived and I was working. I'm sure they're gonna do a Poe 2. Unless some crazy thing happens to stop them I can't fathom why they'd stop now.
  2. I actually haven't played since 1.06 came out, I thought you guys were going to put out 1.07 a long time ago and I shelved the game. Now I can't remember how to play and I'm gonna have to start all over in a few weeks haha.
  3. I don't know the stats on your ipad, but I'm playing on an 2009 macbook pro that's a 2.8 core 2 duo with 8 gig ram. My computer has 2 video cards the base one won't run except ~10fps, the other one is a nvidia 9400 or 9600 and it's playable if I use it, but it takes a month of tuesdays to load. It's the worst at start up and takes about 2 min. The other screens take about 30-45 sec. Although, to be fair I have not played at all since they patched 1.06 more than 10 min. One thing I noticed they fixed was you don't have to go through 3 loading screens to rest in the keep, that helps. So if your ipad is anywhere near those stats or newer you could probably get away with it.
  4. To be honest if they were to do romances, I wholeheartedly would agree with going the dlc route. I would prefer to skip it entirely, or have a dedicated dlc if that's what it's going to be. For me though I have 0 interest in it so I would pass it off completely, but I like the idea of having a way for folks to get it so it's non invasive to my story.
  5. geezooey, they're still a month out and already at like $84k. They need a stretch goal that includes background music or sound effects so you have sounds of city's or dungeons/ sewers or whatever. Maybe battle music... Or maybe they could license this guys stuff he created. It would be natural expansion to create 3d figurines too of boss monsters. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1281758745/professional-mp3-background-loops-for-role-playing/description
  6. dad gum, i got an email at like midnight my time and just checked the link 3 hrs later and you guys are fully funded and almost at the 3rd stretch goal!
  7. This game was definitely in much better shape than Skyrim at launch which won game of the year, and I can't fathom how in it's original state. Pillars was not quite ready, but definitely much better than it was in the beta thanks to the tireless efforts the backer beta folks put in. I haven't played it much in version 1.05 or whatever it is now, but in the previous versions I only had a few bugs that were a pain in the butt, but I also hadn't finished the 2nd act. Maybe if I had progressed further I would have felt like you OP.
  8. I'll take my inquiry to the other sub forum, and I think Nakia and others are reading my comment as 10k a month total, when I was using that as a base per dev. Indeed the monthly cost for the whole team would be more than 10k a month. But they initially allotted 18 months for the original kickstarter at $1.1M I can do simple math for 10-15 people and realize they were not going to be making much of anything after taxes. It sounded like the door was all but shut on them so I don't know why they'd only ask for $1.1M if they really were in dire straights like Adam made it sound like. That sounded like a legit amount of money to fund their game based upon their experience and risk involved. Other similar games started out asking for $800k. I really want to know how to budget my project. I have 8 people on my team now waiting for me to go live. I'm not the accountant, but I have some basic understanding of how to make a budget because I do freelance design for multiple industry's.
  9. Around $10k/month for developer (salary, equipment, taxes...). You must also count the kickstarter/amazon/paypal fees, taxes, and backers rewards fulfilling. I don't think so, I used to work with some game developers and I was pretty shocked that most of them didn't have bleeding edge computers at work. Most machines had 8gb of ram or less, they had kind of average video cards with only a couple high end machines for the whole office. Even if you were generous with the taxes of the whole kickstarter at 10% across the board that's about $450k, they still had $4M left over. Fergus mentioned at one point with paypal and slacker backers they were at $4.5M, not sure what the final was. The original bunch of developers were about a baker's dozen for about a yr and a half. It looked like they added some extra body's onto the project after South park went gold ~ march last yr or later. So for about a yr and a half there were only a small handful of people on the project. All said and total probably about 50 people, but not all at once for like a yr + I'm sure there were legit costs along the way, but most of the time they were stretching their budget as min manned as possible. I know the salary range for naughty dog lead producers and programmers and no disrespect for obsidian, but they're not quite on their level and I doubt they're making as much as them. They make a good living, but not as much as you would think. Also, I'm not saying we got screwed over or anything, it was a legitimate question because I'm also going to be creating a kickstarter game this year and I need to know how to budget my funds. They initially asked for just over a million $ and projected with that budget the game would come out April 2014. I'm assuming they expected to keep the same 12-15 man team the whole time. So that tells me they're not on a $10K+/ man budget, in fact it would be half that.
  10. Was going to be snarky and jab at Double Fine again. Decided not to. But honestly, you'd be asking every single employee to either quit or move with you. That's a reality of business, but also a **** move. I didn't mean to sound rude, but I'm sure a large part of the reason they had to let go of so many people who were really good at their job was just the cost associated to be where they are. I was looking to move just a bit north of there about a yr ago and rent was over 3k a month. Not even considering commute time. Justin mentioned months ago he drives quite far each day to work, and the fact that he had to be at the office at 4AM to do music for the game on top of that must have been horrible for his family. The building also seemed to have power shortages during the making of the documentary and they implied that the building has issues like this often. Not saying they need to up and move to Florida, but if they did, I'm sure it would save everyone a ton of money, and the pay cut they'd receive would balance out because of the cost of living would be way less.
  11. what confused me about the documentary was it looked like it was pretty much bare bones staffing the whole time, less than a dozen people or so working on it. Justin Bell implied for a big game it could cost a few hundred k $ for the orchestra. Naturally using an orchestra overseas is probably much cheaper. Plus the volunteers in house. His budget seemed uber tiny even though we specifically raised at least 100k for his stretch goal and the extra 500k+ we raised at the end. They only had 1 animator on the project... what exactly cost so much to make the game?? I remember seeing the production slide Brandon shared about how funding was going to be used, but something doesn't add up. Maybe they should close down their office and move away from CA cause the cost of living out there must be retarded, you could stretch the $ way further elsewhere. I'm just saying. Not that I didn't like the game, and I'm not devaluing the work that went into the game.
  12. Have you been having crashes since it came out? I'm also playing on a MB pro but from 2009 and mine hasn't crashed at all. It's slower than the turtle olympics at start up and exiting the game, but just a little slow otherwise. Which OS are you using? It's not uncommon for the newer OS systems to not play well with software that was not specifically written for it.
  13. If any of the folks worked on the games like Hector for example still read these forums, I was wondering will you be able to go back to your original ideas for the expansions or Pillars two? I hope you can improve the transitions from load screens. You guys have entirely way too many load screens. Especially since there's not a lot of physics and fx going on vs a lot of other games out there. Maybe you can create a procedurally generated environment or caves. Although I do appreciate all the work that went into them. Also I would like to see more levels using the technique like you did with the foreground and background fading out giving the illusion of background being far below or away, and would like to have some fights on a boat in the sea swaying back and forth. A whole map on a giant moving boat, or have waves splashing over the edge of the ship would be great. Finally, can we have a donkey that follows us and holds our gear instead of the bottomless pit that it is now. I prefer the option of having infinite slots vs having to go back and forth every 7 minutes to the store, but just not on my characters. I've watched this about 5 times now. I wonder how much was cut out? I'm sure there was a lot!
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