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  1. well this was like this since beta startet and a lot of people complained about it...
  2. i got all addons in my steam download included... and i could download it from the obsidian portal...
  3. so just one game for me till gamedisk arrives??? Well better than nothing but not what i understod... but well i quess i can live with it
  4. Hy Folks So the Keys are distributed and i allready got a question: I backed for a Boxed Collectors Edition which includes Collector's Box Version of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux, with DVD and printed manual. Cloth Map of the World. Pillars of Eternity Cloth Patch. Pillars of Eternity Mouse Pad. Early Access Beta Key. Pillars of Eternity T-Shirt. Digital Novella by Chris Avellone. Digital High-Res Game Map. Digital High-Res Concept Art Pieces. Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors. Pillars of Eternity Themed Ringtones. Digital Downloadable Soundtrack in MP3 and
  5. chch sorry for the typo... of course i meant backer
  6. like i said, this kind of things can happen, but communication is everything and sry but 3 or 4 posts of BAndler in a Thread concerning other things isn't well communicated... needles to point to the survey of shipping with/without game... and sry man but a shipping delay of weekS... i don't know but thats a looot of a delay... But yes, i'm exited like a child to play PoE on 26th Bad publicity? They announced the game will be out by the 26th and it will be, so far as I know. Deal with it dude, this has been known for months. They also said the keys would be out 'probably Mon
  7. Bad publicity? They announced the game will be out by the 26th and it will be, so far as I know. Deal with it dude, this has been known for months. They also said the keys would be out 'probably Monday or Tuesday' so they have one more day (PST of course) to get us our keys. well they also said we would get our physical goods on day 1... and i just read now on the 91 Update page that there were problems... fazit: bakers get their physical goods later than amazon buyers, sry man, but not fair (i know i know, there can always be problems and whining gets me nothing) buuuut: 1. Bett
  8. bad bad bad publicity Obsidian, your're negleting your bakers, the guys that saved "your asses".... so come on, give as a 1day headstart...
  9. because we are lazy bones and nobody wants to be the game master i Don't think they were just made for solitary people... you got tons of things i this kind of game you simply don't have in a PnP... like the amazing drawings, all the plottwists (which would need a reeealy good gamemaster) hours and hours of compaign, all the Items you find, the side quests, the well writen NPCs... well simply put: it's a feature i miss... and yea, lot's of people think it's obsolete, but i know for sure i'm not the only one missing this possibility
  10. yeeh why not some spaceships, let our souls drift in the vast space of the universe but uhm it wouldn't be thaaat hard to implement a solution that still lets you play the game as it is (story wise with main PC) but give the others the possibility to press pause and assign commands to "their" characters... and jae, maybe commbat would need to be a bit slower (or per default in multiplayer mode, if combat starts, slowmotion's active) don't get me wrong, it's absolutely clear that this is not gona happen for the basegame (if I remember right, josh said somthing about to timeconsuming a
  11. Hy Folks I know that multiplayer was discussed and discarded for the main game, BUT is there a possibility that it's gone get implemented later on? as a DLC or in a expansion? It's just, that like in the Pen and Paper games, its more fun to play in a group of actual Players. We (3 friends and I) loved doing our BG2 runs as a group over the tcp ip session, sitting in the same room, drinking, smoking and having a fun Role-playing Weekend. I think this would give the game an enorm boost community-wise ps: thanks for responding greez :D
  12. look @ Update 91 by BAndler http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70920-update-91-closing-in-on-march-26th/?do=findComment&comment=1581499
  13. thanks sensuki are these all figurines there will be in PoE or is it possible there will be more? I always loved the idea of a druid with a handful of figurines/trikets to trow like a magic bean and summon my littel monster army...
  14. Hy Folks just wanted to know if there was any possibility to test a figurine in BB (i didn't play the quests, more fooled around with character builds and classes) Are there any information on these, exept the ones in the wiki? will they be usefull, how to use them and what kind of figurines would you wish?
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