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  1. I suggest you play on expert mode. It limits the access to the stash.
  2. Hi xsubtownerx! I'm a fan of your Endless Legend Plays, and I'm happy to see you doing a Pillars of Eternity now as well. See you there!

  3. This is indeed the "day one" patch. There is no new patch coming today (unless there's a crazy hotfix issue.) We are working on 1.03, but that's not locking down until next week. We'd like to collect issues reported here and elsewhere to make sure any immediate stuff gets resolved. Generally, that number at the end (508) is the daily build number. We don't fire off lots and lots of builds - it would take way too much time too do that. They usually only occur once daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day depending on the situation. Ok well I fail to see the difference with this and the pre-release build. Can we get the patch notes or something? I thought the UI was getting an overhaul....
  4. I'd liek to read some of the DLC content but the DLC content isn't downloading from Steam for a lot of people...myself included. Restart Steam. That's how I got my DLC stuff. Also, any word on the day one patch?
  5. Yeah this. There was a 24MB when I reloaded the game. Is that the parch?
  6. Hi guys. I thought we were supposed to get a day one patch. I don't see any differences with this build vs the pre release builds I've seen. I'm a little confused.
  7. Whoa whoa. You were fully detected when you entered the room with the barb.
  8. The manual is super out of date and the wiki probably is too. Mechanics determines whether you can find secret compartments or detect traps. Not Stealth. You have to be in Scouting Mode (Stealth) to use it though. Do you have like a link to something that explains it? Some kind of source? Not that I don't believe you, but after I had asked you this a few days ago I did tests in the BB and even with no mechanics I was able to find 3 secrets. Now I don't know if the BB rogue was using her mechanics skill to determine hidden objects, but all I can confirm is that she wasn't in the room with my main where the secret was.
  9. /facepalm The manual is very unreliable. And even based on your quote doesn't explain if non-traps are discovered by higher steath, higher mechanics, or something else. The wiki also has it under stealth (and scout-mode). Can we get some kind of confirmation on this?
  10. The manual says "while in scout mode". Maybe I misunderstood. I thought sneak and scout mode was one and the same. Can I get a confirmation on how this works? My build depends on it and the game releases in like an hour.... hahaha
  11. So it's not mechanics that determines hidden objects. It's stealth. Just thought I'd share.
  12. I'm pretty sure it has always been set for a 1PM EST release.
  13. What's even more awesome for us backers is watching random buyers install the game before us.
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