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  1. I suggest you play on expert mode. It limits the access to the stash.
  2. This is indeed the "day one" patch. There is no new patch coming today (unless there's a crazy hotfix issue.) We are working on 1.03, but that's not locking down until next week. We'd like to collect issues reported here and elsewhere to make sure any immediate stuff gets resolved. Generally, that number at the end (508) is the daily build number. We don't fire off lots and lots of builds - it would take way too much time too do that. They usually only occur once daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day depending on the situation. Ok well I fail to see the difference with this and the pre-release build. Can we get the patch notes or something? I thought the UI was getting an overhaul....
  3. I'd liek to read some of the DLC content but the DLC content isn't downloading from Steam for a lot of people...myself included. Restart Steam. That's how I got my DLC stuff. Also, any word on the day one patch?
  4. Yeah this. There was a 24MB when I reloaded the game. Is that the parch?
  5. Hi guys. I thought we were supposed to get a day one patch. I don't see any differences with this build vs the pre release builds I've seen. I'm a little confused.
  6. Whoa whoa. You were fully detected when you entered the room with the barb.
  7. The manual is super out of date and the wiki probably is too. Mechanics determines whether you can find secret compartments or detect traps. Not Stealth. You have to be in Scouting Mode (Stealth) to use it though. Do you have like a link to something that explains it? Some kind of source? Not that I don't believe you, but after I had asked you this a few days ago I did tests in the BB and even with no mechanics I was able to find 3 secrets. Now I don't know if the BB rogue was using her mechanics skill to determine hidden objects, but all I can confirm is that she wasn't in the room with my main where the secret was.
  8. /facepalm The manual is very unreliable. And even based on your quote doesn't explain if non-traps are discovered by higher steath, higher mechanics, or something else. The wiki also has it under stealth (and scout-mode). Can we get some kind of confirmation on this?
  9. The manual says "while in scout mode". Maybe I misunderstood. I thought sneak and scout mode was one and the same. Can I get a confirmation on how this works? My build depends on it and the game releases in like an hour.... hahaha
  10. So it's not mechanics that determines hidden objects. It's stealth. Just thought I'd share.
  11. I'm pretty sure it has always been set for a 1PM EST release.
  12. What's even more awesome for us backers is watching random buyers install the game before us.
  13. If the anonymous user was able to make his way here, I'm sure he can "youtube search" or "Twitch channel search" Pillars of Eternity. I agree with OP 100%. We don't need them posting here. Give them a sub forum.
  14. Nice job on the video. Better than a lot of the big names. Has anyone seen Marbozir? *facepalm* Question though, doesn't perception help with finding secrets while in sneak mode or is it something else? I tried many different builds in the beta and noticed that perception 20 was able to find me one extra secret vs my other characters (with same lvl mechanics and sneak)
  15. Good question, yes. Personally, I'm all for giving review copies out to the streamers/LPers to help advertise the game and thus boost sales. What I'm less happy about is that their embargo isn't also ending on release day, since that means that there are what, thousands of people who haven't (and a reasonable proportion of whom won't) bought the game who are going to experience a good chunk of the story, albeit by watching rather than playing, before those of us who've spent literally years following this game's production and contributing to it by playing the beta and offering feedback and suggestions. Some people getting the game in advance to figure out what they're doing and plan their streams, or get their videos put together for the 26th, I'd be fine with. Three days of them streaming it while I'm very excited about the upcoming release and have to wait... well, flaunting their access was a good phrase for what it feels like. It's not a huge deal for me, but yeah, I wish it had been handled differently. That is actually a legitimate issue, and something that I'm not entirely comfortable with as well. I would much prefer the stream and review embargo be lifted on release date, and I honestly don't know of a really compelling reason that it's not. FYI, the review embargo is still in place until the 26th. People seem to forget this when they say streamers/youtubers are "reviewers" as well, or viewed as such. @Sparklecat hit it dead on btw. And I feel the same way.
  16. Yeah I guess you're right. All those big name streamers and youtubers wouldn't have done videos on the 26th. They only do pre-releases now. Or better yet, Obsidian/paradox would have been in the wrong to include backers for the 23rd release. Or pre-release if you want to get technical. We wouldn't want to piss off the streamers by including us dumbass backers in the mix. Anyone remember the 90's? Early 2000's? I'm no history buff, but I'm pretty sure games were getting sales before YouTube came along. In fact I remember when youtube was a FREE way for developers to get publicity. Now it's part of the marketing budget. hahaha
  17. I love how I broke the internet with this one. I also love how many, many, many people have missed the point. Just to be clear on something (AGAIN), youtuber/streamer =/= reviewer. Also the review embargo is still set for the 26th. I have yet to see a solid argument explaining how streamers/youtubers getting the game 4 days before backers increase sales versus if they had got it (for free might I add) on the 26th like us and the public (backers and random buyers are worth the same apparently). Do pre-orders count for more than day ONE sales now? Is that how the gaming market works? Anyways at this stage there's no point in arguing over this anymore. The damage has been done (or not done). Depending on which side of the coin you're on. Still looking forward to Thursday. We should at the very LEAST be entitled to a midnight launch. :D
  18. Guaranteed all these twitchers and youtubers combined will never come close to generating 4 million in sales like us backers did.
  19. I've also seen games release a few hours late as well.
  20. So the screenshot embargo has been lifted? It's a tower. One floor is enough for an inn. The other floor is for secrets and loot. :D
  21. Word on the street is that it will only be available at 5PM GMT. I was thinking of taking the day off but that means a 1PM ET release on Thursday provided Steam doesn't blow it like they did with Darkest Dungeon. Not sure if it's worth it (for me) to take the day off work. I would have loved a midnight release...
  22. There is a reason - streamers generate more interest when they show "hey, here is this game and it might interest you guys!" to all of their subscribers. That's very important to reach all people who can be potentially interested and hyped for Pillars of Eternity before the release day. Darkest Dungeon did this and was a massive success. I don't see on what grounds you criticize a proven marketing strategy? One hundred percent agree with this, just speaking from personal experience: my interview with Josh from a few days ago has already gotten well over three thousand views on my YouTube channel, and another 500 plus on my Twitch channel, in addition to the 250 people we had during the interview itself. I've already had ten people directly message or tell me in chat that they're buying the game as a direct result of seeing the interview and the subsequent playthrough; there are always, of course, far more people who watch something than comment upon it, which suggests that many more people will also buy the game after seeing the stream. Now I was working with the beta backer version (which Obsidian was kind enough to send me), not the press version--but it demonstrates how important Twitch streams and YouTube videos are to overall sales, and how this kind of early exposure can really benefit the game in the short and long term. Just adding a data point, I guess. --Arv www.twitch.tv/arvaneleron No one is denying the importance of it. I'm denying the importance of it 3-4 days before a game "officially" releases. It wont change a thing besides pre-order sales (instead of release day sales). I've also done videos on the BB and have sent sales their way. Of course I wasn't given anything to do so, and had to back the game to get the beta. Point is though, people will do these things regardless! It's cool that they gave you a free copy of the beta without having to be a backer.
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