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  1. So when used, it burns enemies, but also gives them +5 accuracy.Isnt that supposed to be an friendly aoe only? Atleast thats what is in the talent description ' gives allies accuracy bonus',
  2. i dont think its possible to even do this . You have to go to caed nua,and there is like 6shadows groups.You cant hit that solo with anyone.
  3. So i got an armor with 10 dr, in tooltip it shows 10 dr, and i got a fine armor with 8 dr and +2 damage reduction from 'fine' enchantement. and in tooltip i see 8 dr. Why is that?
  4. yeah but i saw nature godlike passive to be different in the guide.Thats why was wondering.If its still might and dex conc u made my day, cause that was my monk race for potd toi :D
  5. hopefully not, but on other side i wouldnt like to die and lose my progress cause iam in fight and the game crashed
  6. Does endurance regenerate in fight when noone is hitting you? Iam asking this, cause fighter has a skill that boost endurance regeneration, and if the tooltip is right nature godlike was changed to boost endurance regen aswell. And it would be pointless to boost that, if it only worked out of a fight-cause it regenerates almost instantly out of a fight anyways.
  7. So iam going to play POTD TOI, and iam worried bout autosaving.What happens if for example iam in a fight and my game crashes?I've read somewhere that game saves on each new location you enter.
  8. Oh god, can you please quit trawling around threads looking to come with input on things you know nothing about? It's getting incredibly tiresome and you're just coming across as an edgy try-hard contrarian. Yes, if someone Engages the Tank and then tries to move away from him, he can score Disengagement hits on them. But as gkathellar clarified, even if you remove Engagement entirely, it doesn't change anything; they engage the Tank based on proximity and targeting, not based on Engagement or lack thereof. So it doesn't matter if the tank can Engage 2 or 3 opponents, because those opponen
  9. Yeah tho i dont understand one thing, if someone wants to see comedy, he choose to watch comedy.But if someone wanna see gameplay, game review, or 'game streaming overall' he goes for twitch, and what he gets is mostly people who have no clue or will to concentrate on the game and play it in propper matter, obviously sometimes we want to watch funny **** and stuff.But its like playing basketball on some friendly tourneys and making a fool of yourself every time you get the ball , while people who came there are watching. I see it like that: If you're going to stream, you have to bring some fu
  10. paladin tanks are a bit misleading. sure, they got great potential defenses, but tanking is as much about getting and holding aggro as it is about being a damage sink. fighters got superior engagement when in defender mode. fighter abilities is also more tank focused than is paladin abilities. am of the opinion that the deeper you get into the game, the paladin-as-tank builds will be decreasing in efficacy. that being said, particular on normal mode, we expect that the paladin will suffice in the tank role, even if it ultimately is not as impressive as a fighter tank.. or a monk tank.
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