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  1. So when used, it burns enemies, but also gives them +5 accuracy.Isnt that supposed to be an friendly aoe only? Atleast thats what is in the talent description ' gives allies accuracy bonus',
  2. i dont think its possible to even do this . You have to go to caed nua,and there is like 6shadows groups.You cant hit that solo with anyone.
  3. So i got an armor with 10 dr, in tooltip it shows 10 dr, and i got a fine armor with 8 dr and +2 damage reduction from 'fine' enchantement. and in tooltip i see 8 dr. Why is that?
  4. Twitch.tv/morbusofkookyb as soon as it instals ) hf and gl in game lads!!
  5. yeah but i saw nature godlike passive to be different in the guide.Thats why was wondering.If its still might and dex conc u made my day, cause that was my monk race for potd toi :D
  6. hopefully not, but on other side i wouldnt like to die and lose my progress cause iam in fight and the game crashed
  7. Does endurance regenerate in fight when noone is hitting you? Iam asking this, cause fighter has a skill that boost endurance regeneration, and if the tooltip is right nature godlike was changed to boost endurance regen aswell. And it would be pointless to boost that, if it only worked out of a fight-cause it regenerates almost instantly out of a fight anyways.
  8. So iam going to play POTD TOI, and iam worried bout autosaving.What happens if for example iam in a fight and my game crashes?I've read somewhere that game saves on each new location you enter.
  9. Oh god, can you please quit trawling around threads looking to come with input on things you know nothing about? It's getting incredibly tiresome and you're just coming across as an edgy try-hard contrarian. Yes, if someone Engages the Tank and then tries to move away from him, he can score Disengagement hits on them. But as gkathellar clarified, even if you remove Engagement entirely, it doesn't change anything; they engage the Tank based on proximity and targeting, not based on Engagement or lack thereof. So it doesn't matter if the tank can Engage 2 or 3 opponents, because those opponents will target the tank anyway; they won't run past him. And if too much emphasis would be placed on Engagement, it wouldn't matter whether the tank can Engage 2 or 3 opponents in any situation that went above that number of opponents, because it would trivialize the tank's value as the opponents runs past him as soon as he's tied up with the maximum number of opponents he can Engage. I think that much like myself, you want to like Engagement based on the pitch, but it's not a very valuable mechanic in terms of tanking. It primarily an issue for the player, not the AI, because the AI is dumb as a brick and if it wasn't, the player would be in for a terrible, terrible time in terms of tanking because the enemy tends to outnumber any number of opponents the player could realistically tank. you are saying that i write bout things i dont know nothing about and next line of text you say exact same thing i've just said? srsly either calm the **** down and rethink what you wanna say or gtfo to some reddit and insult people there.I saw few movies in which mobs tended to run/aim 2nd row party members not even looking at the tank.So no you're not right, and no engage isnt bad mechanic.The AI obviously need polish but thats all in it. And again if you want to deny what someone is saying you have to bring some facts, not pulling out trash out of your not so heave head , cause what i've said about engagement as mechanic is a fact.But how it works in this game vs this AI ? Didnt put that topic into any of my discussion. So stop runing around topics instulting people cause you will get baned pretty ****ing quick. ah and btw, yes you're a total ****ing strawman,
  10. Yeah tho i dont understand one thing, if someone wants to see comedy, he choose to watch comedy.But if someone wanna see gameplay, game review, or 'game streaming overall' he goes for twitch, and what he gets is mostly people who have no clue or will to concentrate on the game and play it in propper matter, obviously sometimes we want to watch funny **** and stuff.But its like playing basketball on some friendly tourneys and making a fool of yourself every time you get the ball , while people who came there are watching. I see it like that: If you're going to stream, you have to bring some fun into it, but mostly you want to show the game itself, cause thats what people came here for.And i atleast dont like to watch idiots who cant understand mechanics, read game descriptions, and overall play this game like my grandma would ( tho she would prolly THINK, while doing so ).
  11. paladin tanks are a bit misleading. sure, they got great potential defenses, but tanking is as much about getting and holding aggro as it is about being a damage sink. fighters got superior engagement when in defender mode. fighter abilities is also more tank focused than is paladin abilities. am of the opinion that the deeper you get into the game, the paladin-as-tank builds will be decreasing in efficacy. that being said, particular on normal mode, we expect that the paladin will suffice in the tank role, even if it ultimately is not as impressive as a fighter tank.. or a monk tank. Engagement really isn't as important for tanking as it pretends to be. If you play with the mechanic turned off via mod, it becomes apparent that just having your tanks in front (and in the fight first) is the main determining factor. Between Faith and Conviction, Righteous Soul, and the various Exhortations, I think they'll work pretty well all the way through at the two things that matter - soaking up damage, and using occasional support abilities. Anyway, I hope you're wrong, because support-tank is really the only role in which paladins can excel. Pretty much what I was going to say, Engagement doesn't matter at all for tanking. For some reason, they want to make us believe that it does, but it doesn't. Either way, the Fighter would only have +1 Engagement over the Paladin, and if tanking depended too much on Engagement (such as the enemies flat-out ignoring tanks if they aren't Engaged) it would lead to the situation where the tanks would become so useless you could practically ignore them in any encounter featuring hostiles in excess of party members. As for the Paladin thing... true, absolutely true, but in defiance of reality, I intend to prove you wrong with my high-RES, high-PER, No-Armour, Rapier Duelist Bleak Walker Paladin! (whether he'll actually be human or deathlike is up in the air at present). I'm going to attempt to fix the Attributes, though, but that's somewhat beside the point. actually i think youre wrong, the point of engagement is that the opponent cant go thru your tank, if he does, the tank will score disengagement hit/hits.So now if your tank got 3 guys engaged, he can score those extra hits to all 3 of them if they try to move to your back row
  12. It depends what role you want from him and what difficulty. if youre playing on easy normal.Amaua with 21 might, 12 conc, 15-17 dex and 10 in everything else would tear apart everything basicly. On hard and potd i would go for like 14-15 might, 12 con, 14-15 dex , and depends what u rly want perception is good 1v1 with interuption and good defense vs mage spells. Int is pretty much dump stat unless you want longer stuns or knocks.Resolve if you want to fight as semi tank vs fighters. And i would go with either wild orlan/fire godlike for offtanking and human/nature godlike for mage killer
  13. monk with perception should be quite good with hight attack speed and high interruption chance you can basicly turn someone off from a fight
  14. i didnt say he is bad i like him very much myself.But the 1st sentece you have said is pretty much bull****.A good caster is the one that can make a show obviously but he has to have knowledge of the thing he is showing.If i watch something i want informations and want to have fun, not only 1 of those.
  15. and bout the stats, you guys are missing some facts, the fight is tactical in this game, if you think your Aloth ( or any other mage ) will stand behind doing what he pleases you are wrong, opponents will have rogues , there will be ambushes, aoe spells, dragons, groups of 10 etc etc.And you didnt even saw half of the mages spells.You dont know how they work and what stats will be good for them. And this isnt your character, same as it was in BG, you meet him, he is who he is.Period
  16. Racial and Cultural bonuses. You can get Might up to 21 with an Aumaua with the right culture. no no you didnt understand mate, what iam saying is how they can have + 19 additional stats. when everyone else have 18 and the char u create has 18 aswell ( 15 + racial +2, culture + 1 )
  17. if you're playing on easy/normal difficulties you can bassicly do anything with your stats.On harder diffs i wouldnt drop cons and resolve ( ok maybe on hard its ok ) but it you wanna play potd ( or even more ToI ) doing a semi tank monk is crucial.
  18. if this game wont be close to bg experience for you i will send you 100$ paypal to cover your loses my dear friend. On the other hand if you will like it, you will subscribe to my stream. So buy the game if we got a deal on this
  19. I used to cast CoD2 and CoD4 with TobiWan actually, and I've met him in person. He also briefly played in my muck around CoD4 and HoN team (SRS BSNS) in 2009. He was really noob at CoD xD (and DotA). Personally I don't like his casting style (It's not his fault though because at the time - most of the Australian casters were imitating the "MomoWang" style of casting - TobiWan and Arseynimz both did), but he's improved his knowledge of stuff and I guess he's the guy you want around when there's a big team fight or something. I don't know if any of our casts are still available online anymore, they were from 2008-2009. Hey I found something - Tobi casting me in Black Ops I love it when he does the vent cross haha, we heard him joining the channel and just started abusing eachother for a bit of drama. Tobi is known to be the best play-by-play caster of Dota2 (blackhoooole anyone?), it saddens me a bit that he's moving from dota to csgo.. While this discussion doesn't really belong in a Pillars of Eternity forum, I have to chime in here. Tobi isn't "known to be" anything other than some guy who screams a lot during casts, doesn't know a lot during casts and has a massive attitude problem outside of casts. To newer DotA players he is (or used to be, when he was more active) better, because his casting style focuses more on the spectacle and creating hype than actually good/knowledgeable casts. can +1 that easly, his dota knowledge is very low, but he is indeed a good showman.Tho he keeps talkn a lot to guests not focusing on game. btw i will be streaming myself the PotD, ToI playthrough so if you wanna see a noob caster in action check it twitch.tv/morbusofkookyb
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