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  1. I always think it's best to cover the obvious first, as many times this is the issue and the person either forgot, overlooked it, or misunderstood. So perhaps the OP pledged at the $140 level and was mistaken on what was included. $250 tier
  2. got the Signed Boxed Collector's Edition of Pillars of Eternity but the expansion is not showing on the products page.
  3. There is just way too much math in this thread! Lets tone it down yall!
  4. See. I'm still not clear on all the interactions of the attributes. Since the Monk really has no aoe stuff, cant intelligence be a dump stat?
  5. Planning on playing as a monk. Looked over some vids and posts. When in character creation it says Constitution and Dexterity are the most important, with might being next. Wonder how some of you that are also planning on playing the monk are going to divey up your attribute points?
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