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  1. Ive played 3 different builds over the last few hours. Rogue, Cipher, Chanter. I am not a veteran either but have scoured vids of gameplay and builds for about a week now. I tried "hard" and it worked , but I needed to rest after a few encounters and this is just the very beginning of play, Where to stand in combat, not letting eye candy of combat itself make you forget your needed pause for tactics, gauging who to target first etc is a learning curve. so maybe 'Normal" is best if just to get the hang of things. I long to be on "hard" mostly for cool factor and extra enemies; that is ;going to have to wait.
  2. I dont think I would have considered a melee rogue using spears in a million years. Eye opening stuff going down here . thanks for enlightening us.
  3. Still wading through 12 pages of questions and tips, But I have a question that I havent yet seen asked. the combat log. Is there a way for me to change colors of any part of the action sequences in that log? Some of the text is rather drab and its hard to gather quick info from it the way it reads.
  4. Hard, Ironman mode. I would be a miserable failure. Would be madness to try....... But hey count me in!
  5. How about an Orlan Cipher main with an all dwarf entourage of varying skills ala the Hobbit movie characters? Oh the possibilities.
  6. Got it. Hard = more foes. Thanks a lot. I also understand there is an inn early in the game where a player can design a party of adventurers rather than collect them via rp means ingame? I would be very interested in a function that allows such a thing.
  7. Hello. I have pre-ordered this amazing looking game and have been researching info for hours now. There is one thing I would like to know regarding difficulty. I just watched Quill18 3part lets play on YouTube. He chose normal setting and as I watched it seemed combat was very easy indeed. Just what might be the diference between "normal" and "hard" in this game in laymans terms? As for me, I am not a veteran of this style of game but I am learning to play, having downloaded BG1 and 2 and Neverwinter Night. But, I have been gaming MMOs for a long time. I do believe I would try a hardcore setting once I got the mechanics down. Thanks for any replies.
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