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  1. I am experiencing this same crash. I hear the sound of rocks falling right before it crashes to desktop
  2. Tried to attach my crash logs but will not let me. Is the temple for first place the story takes you to, on the storm island.
  3. Crash when approaching Poko Kahura Ruins. I hear a boulder like sound, like there are rocks falling, screen freezes, then crashes
  4. Am I the only one thinking hell to the no on lowering the exp? Leave it as is. Not everyone will want to do ALL the content. Also, I imagine the expansions are going to raise level cap. Would be nice to hit into some of those levels in a new play through before getting to expansion content. Hell, I'd rather they add more levels of progression than nerf exp.
  5. They stated it now affects size and duration of AoE effects + a defense boost (think it's will). Does this mean it no longer increases duration of direct buffs and direct debuffs? Only if those buffs or debuffs are AoE does it increase the duration? This is how I read it.
  6. I know game doesn't launch till the 26th, but I am use to having the key way ahead of the game so as to have it ready for download on my preferred download provider. I paid for the signed collectors edition, but it includes a 'digital download key'. Please tell me the key isn't 'in the package'. This would....well, just be silly. Really hoping I missed an e-mail or update somewhere that explains how to get access to our keys so we can be go for launch day.
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